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EmuCR: AntiMicroX AntiMicroX v3.2.4 is released. AntiMicroX is a graphical program used to map gamepad keys to keyboard, mouse, scripts and macros. You can use this program to control any desktop application with a gamepad on Linux🐧 and Windows 🪟. It can be also used for generating SDL2 configuration (useful for mapping atypical gamepads to generic ones like xbox360).

AntiMicroX Features:
Mapping of gamepads/joystick buttons to:
keyboard buttons
mouse buttons and moves
scripts and executables
macros consisting of elements mentioned above
Assigning multiple switchable sets of mappings to gamepad.
Auto profiles - assign profile to active application window (not in Wayland note).

AntiMicroX v3.2.4 Changelog:
Implemented enhancements:
Implement modifier button threshold zone #310 (by mmmaisel) - This allows mapping the analog range of a stick to walk/run in game without dedicated spring button.
Fixed bugs:
Fix mouse calculations for multiple mice #435 (by mmmaisel)
Fix flickering JoyControlStickEditDialog layout #440 (by mmmaisel)
Implement proper offset and gain stick calibration #441 (by mmmaisel)
Notable changes:
Increase minimum size of ButtonEditDialog #439 (by mmmaisel)
Fixes in translation utulities
Rename flag TRANS_KEEP_OBSOLETE to TRANS_REMOVE_OBSOLETE to improve readability
Fix wrong argument for utility deleting obsolete translations #445
Update translations:

Download: AntiMicroX v3.2.4
Source: Here

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