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vDos (2022/05/01) is released. vDos is a Windows program to conveniently run DOS applications in current Windows versions. vDos to the rescue. It lets you run DOS applications by emulating a (spiced up) DOS PC in a window. vDos itself runs on Windows 32 and 64-bit systems, Windows 7 or later.

vDos highlights:
•Start DOS applications instantaneously in a scalable window with a crisp TTF font (in text mode).
•Focuses on serious programs (not games). Setup yours easily, no complex configuration to load drivers, set file handles, keyboard layout, language character set…
•Run multiple DOS applications, if needed with their own specific configuration.
•Print to modern Windows-only (GDI) printers, or a virtual printer to produce PDF’s.
•Its file system is (in sync with) that of Windows, no internal disk caching corrupting files.
•Network support with file- and record locking, also needed by multi-user DOS applications to function reliable.
•Copy/paste text from Windows to DOS and vice versa, with transparent conversion of Windows/DOS text.

Download: vDos (2022/05/01)

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