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EmuLinkerSF v0.93.2 is released. EmuLinkerSF is a modified version of EmuLinker Kaillera network server created by Moosehead with new features by Suprafast. EmuLinker is a Kaillera network server. Kaillera is a client/server system that virtually any emulator can implement to enable network play, by mapping "Player 2" input to another user over the Internet using network communication. EmuLinker is a complete rewrite of the original Kaillera network server for the purpose of preventing exploitable bugs and adding features.

EmuLinkerSF v0.93.2 changelog:
Updated setting masterList.touchEmulinker to Kaillera Reborn's EmuLinker Servers/Waiting Games List.
Removed setting server.maxGameChatLength. Removed limit cause some emulators send settings via game chat.

Download: EmuLinkerSF v0.93.2
Download: EmulinkerSF Admin Client
Source: Here

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