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Hypseus SingeHypseus Singe v2.10.4 is released. Hypseus is a fork of Matt Ownby's Daphne. A program to play laserdisc arcade games on a PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi. This version includes Singe support for Fan Made and American Laser Games.

Hypseus Singe v2.10.4 changelog:
DAT_VERSION 3 .dat files. 4Gb+ UHD M2V files are now supported
Singe 2 dynamic 'overlay resolution switching' is now supported.
Singe API driven Active Scoreboards - Game LUA requires simple changes.
Singe Scoreboard API can use the hardware Arduino USB Scoreboard.
.dat file (re)parsing video blanking bug, is now fixed.
Scaled video window is now positionable: -scale_shiftx and -scale_shifty
More accurate (default) annunciator 'rank' graphics (Updates in pics folder).
Added 'dedicated cabinet' style annunciator bezel: -dedannunbezel [NeoKarnage]
Score and annunciator bezels now have transparency level adjustments.
The independent Scorepanel can be initialized on a selectable secondary screen.
Game Controller trigger bug is fixed and HAT behaviour has changed [walknight]
Overlay scoreboard can be disabled using null scoreboard in lair and ace: -noscoreboard

Download: Hypseus Singe v2.10.4
Source: Here

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