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EmuCR:PS2 emulatorPCSX2 SVN r4918 is released. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 SVN Changelog:
UI: Bugfix: normal keys were not handled by PCSX2 (can now be used as KB shortcuts, etc).

Download: PCSX2 SVN r4918
Download: Official Beta Plugins Pack [09 August 2010]
Source: Here


  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  2. . I saw a link that says something like PS3?? Emulator

    Where did it go?

  3. Thanks for the new version of PCSX2 PS2

    Anonymous for that?
    and what talk there ... ... where's linku PS3 Emulator?
    on this page?

  4. the ps3 emulator is a debugger and you will not be abble to play any commercial games in any pc in the next 8 years at least. stupid annonymous that think the ps3 is capable of running commercial games hahahaha

  5. Please tell me some reasons, why can not emulate any commercial game ...?

    I am that anonymous(XY)???
    and finished with ALL do not look anything near the top and not posted anything wrong?

    TELL ME!!!!


  7. anonymous(XY)

    So I delete mesaju .. not be published! ...

  8. anonymous(XY)

    pathetic fool ... people expect, not like lies
    you delete my message...

    many do not even know what a programming software that

    or else.


  10. pcx3 will be soon, the code is the begin.
    yes pc can play ps3 game, just wait and you will see

  11. Final fantasy x-2 video crash

  12. anon 13 !...:))you are stupid,fool!!
    It's about programming for this program ps3Emulator, remember ...
    If all are good ... in it ..? the Qualifications of the PC industry?? answer!
    ... always force | | | | falls in front techniques.
    has little chance
    problem is not with the power of computers
    As you have said))
    11 anon! you're right ....

  13. do not listen to that anon 13.

    There are programs now!! That runs commercial games!

    not been made ​​public!

    I know some of you ..
    Find-as if the public is emulatorPS3

    you realize that no buy PlayStation 3 consoles ...

    PC only:))

  14. anon 14 and 15 is the same man sigh...

  15. we have probelm with resoultion of pcsx2 , i want to play with 1280 X 1280 and i found shadows , i need to fix this problem

  16. 15 14 are dumbasses and have no brain there will never be a ps3 emu ok
    maybe in 17 years we dont have a powerful pc to run
    a ps3 emulator because the ps3 have 3,40 ghz and
    we need a pc that is 3 times powerful than the ps3 then we can run ps3 emu smoothly

  17. anon 14 and 15...tell me
    Anonymous (XY)
    I'll tell you something ... if they finish emulator runs on a computer training ...
    with a processor.
    (INTEL Core i7 950)
    (nVidia GeForce GTX 570)
    (Microsoft Windows7 64Bit)
    that are necessary components to run Sony PlayStation 3 EMULATOR....
    And mouth do not know anything ..

    I said power (not resist Technicii)

    I mean making modules .. If you are a progamator GOOD!
    if you are.

  18. hey,this is place to let you bring feedback about PCSX2 SVN r4918,not to talk about something else.

  19. Anonymous (XY)

    I know...ok sorry:)))
    i like talk about:))...

  20. Anonymous (XY)

    The first question for two smart anon ... 22.23
    I have a so-called Emulator? PS3

    And the second question ... you talk you there ...:)))
    aberrant still:))
    .... do not know anything about PS3 Emulator stupid pathetic roads that you gave me ...
    ok .... talk I understood that you need a computer hard but ... This would have you believe YOU TALK ???!!! ideas
    ... you do not need an X10 PC Console louder:))

    And Answered for you
    pathetic ... .. do not know anything stupid static rather than talking nonsense
    computers do not need 10 times stronger than the console
    That's one thousand blast ...
    This emulator runs on our compiuterele today!
    and mouth in all that you speak so!

  21. Maybe there is PS3-emulation project's starting now. But I believe its impossible to actually run any games on them. Heck we don't even have fully working "bug-free" PS2 or GC/Wii emulators yet. If there are such a thing as a PS3 emulator it's likely that its used as tool for testing hombrew apps

  22. @#25 you're the one who must learn manner(act like emulator expert but just talk sarcastic),don't you know even ps3 games made from nowday pc.i watched trailers god of war 3 which developer run test game on pc not super computer.

  23. @ # 26 Yes it's true But there is this emulator ps3 probation

    And another thing is able to run and games! ... But is not public business of Sony Computer Entertainment

    I had the opportunity to see this emulator !!!!!
    My father works in their console industry ...
    And!! I saw a PC sample characteristics for PS3 Emulator
    (For Test)
    perfecl is runing like a PS3 Console
    (Intel Core i7 950)
    (nVidia GeForce GTX 570)
    (8GB) Memory
    (Microsoft Windows 7 64bit)
    And anon # 25 ... Yes .. I am a child:))
    illegal to make a copy of That emulator for testing: ((
    Dad said to me .....
    I am a boy
    Anonymous (XY)

    anon 7,8,14,15,19,21,
    Anonymous (XY)))
    I do not speak very well English
    Sorry: ((boys

  24. I'm another fan of the PS3's emulator, look what I found on youtube


    Comment and analysis ...

    is real?

  25. @Anon(XY)If your dad works on sony and has a ps3 emulator, then I have conquered the entire Mars.
    @Anon29 No.

    Enough with this BΛLLSH!T about ps3 emus LOL


  27. #34 for what i know if you're emulator user,then you're also pc fanboy

  28. Anonymous (XY)
    for anon 36
    Hey: (you're a desperate mouthed
    I am a simple boy
    not brain wash ....
    I have No evidence but ... I know what I saw: (
    I have a PS3 console
    I do not care for this emulator PS3
    I say what I saw when I was the father to visit with mom
    I understand ... those from Sony Computer Entertainment
    Probe on PC and consoles after .....
    this emulator ps3 ..
    I can not make a copy of this emulator :((((
    do not let me touch the PC
    those people
    my dad says it's illegal: (((
    But what's circle is that
    That computer games prove
    has the sophistication:)
    (Intel Core i7 950)
    (nVidia GeForce GTX 570)
    (8GB) Memory
    (Microsoft Windows 7 64bit)
    Dad told me that
    and that's all: ((
    not responding to any claim ugly ..

  29. You guys still running about that PS3 emu "crap". You may speculate what may or may not be possible and when and believe as hard as you can in "your" miracles but the fact remains, unless someone find a new revolutionary way to create emulators that doesn't require at least 10x or more (like some of the crowd above said) powerful PC (mostly in terms of CPU power) it's not gonna happen in next (at least) several years, at least I don't see it coming to life. Idk, maybe if they used GPU's as CPU's in some way (GPGPU deal, idk really) or wrote a whole OS that is some way takes advantage of "such thing"... maybe but anyway not in several years, cause there isn't any sign of any such thing... not even an early build... Concerning the kid that has a father that works(blah blah blah)... Who do you think it's gonna believe that? Sony "giving" people their money? Yeah, and Apple also wrote new EULA stating that... idk you can write Iphone apps using Windows? No way. The only thing that I'm aware of in terms of combing words "Sony" and "PS X emulator" is that Sony used PCSX2 to see how some games would look in Full HD resolution (think it was GoW) henceforth, you get the picture.

    @ 37 Not necessarily, there are emulators for other platforms, but not as much and not as good as PC ones...

    PC is the most powerful and most comprehensive platform (for gaming and for any other piece of software really (I kinda include Linux in the "pc" deal >.>)). Talking about pure gaming... Well PC itself has the largest database of games and all of them (or 99% of them) can be run on Win 7 (both x32/64) not to mention the emulation side. Plus a lot of "little" things that are only available to PC gamers making it superior to it's counterparts (sometimes even ports for PC are better (though RARELY I admit). I said somewhere before, I'd rather use PCSX2 to play games that use my old PS2. To add to that PC's aren't limited to games only. So... Yeah. I'm a "PC fanboy". Big time.

    On completely different side-note. Still waiting for new pcsx2 subversion. :(

    Goran H.

  30. Hi! i would politely like to ask why hasn't been any update in a few days now?

    I would like to congratulate the maker of this emulator for all is hard/brilliant work, it's a really good project.

    Best Regards.

  31. Maybe devs are "taking a short break"? It's not just EmuCR. There haven't been any new builds since 9th. Still waiting. Regards.

  32. Final fantasy x-2 video crash help!!!

  33. Anon 38
    Goran H
    Anonymous (XY)

    You're right! ...
    and I know it is, hardly anyone believe me!

    I think honestly, how do I get That program
    PS3 emulator
    to make public:))
    that program is the team
    Sony Computer Entertainment
    not mine ...
    Others do not father
    dad works there
    and he does it
    I have a PS3 console:)
    I say what I saw
    that's all:))
    was a PC
    which was not connected to anything ...
    and both have a program that you join them say ps3 emulator
    and test non-stop games

  34. Anonymous (XY)
    anon 39
    sorry:)) I have no see,your number
    for you is that message

  35. @44

    Stop it.

    It's doesn't matter if you're telling the truth or if you really know what you're talking about. If this emulator isn't downloadable to run on MY PC, for all effects and purposes it doesn't really exist.

    No amount of bad writing will convince us otherwise. It's THAT simple.

  36. @ Anon 45

    There is no Anon 39 in this thread. :p

    @ Anon 46

    Come on, loosen up a bit. Be it a 7 year old kid or 70 year old grandpa it doesn't matter, at least he made the waiting for new PCSX2 build less boring. I personally would put my life on the line saying that Sony would never ever ever do that (don't see reason for it, let alone the huge effort that is needed for it as it's not profitable for 'em)... so...


    it was a ps3 in a pc case? lmao. Nevertheless at least his English is hilarious and it's interesting how he typed correctly the GPU/CPU used in this "imaginary" concept. Idk... I read your... umm. idk which (38th post) several times and it still makes me laugh. Cheers to the "kid". ;)

    But here's my thought on playing PS3 / Xbox360 games on your PC. One word. OnLive. That's a possibility. Regards.

    Goran H.

  37. Anonymous (XY)

    So guys from
    Sony Computer Entertainment
    samples have programs
    PS3 PC Emulator
    several thousand PCs

    they are ok and samples ...
    it's hard to understand
    and that program that works like a PS3 console
    .. .. I do not know the console to have Window:))) integrated

    I saw the desktop, and I saw an EXE but no name
    For something like .. (Test)

    is impossible for you or others .. it's like I saw a ghost:))
    But who believes me:))

  38. Dude, just want to say thanks for your posts. They made me laugh (not meaning to be rude, offensive or anything along those lines). Cheers! *thumbs up*

  39. ok I understand:)) Goran H

    people need to understand
    not lie or make fun
    So I do not think anyone will get that ps3 emulator
    from Sony Computer Entertainment.
    Best buy
    a PS3:)) Console
    I have a console
    How can I Emule PC?
    I did not competent

  40. when i click the pcsx2.exe, it said "the program can't start because MSVCR100 missing from your computer.try reinstalling the program".please,sb help me out for this problem,thanks a lot.
    P/s:sr for my bad E:))

  41. @ Anon 51

    Installing/Reinstalling "Microsoft Visual C++" should fix the problem. Just download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008 and 2010 versions and install them respectively. Regards.

  42. Run GT4 and God of War in Slowmotion 80% or 90% of time. My PC: HD 5770, 4GB Ram, Phenom II 955 and Windows 7 64 bits is normal!? I try a maximum level hack settings and only 10% or 20% better...any help!?

  43. Please tell me
    When a new version to be released
    PCSX2 v1.0.0?

  44. @ Anon 53

    GT4 is kinda demanding game for emulation, so it's normal. God of War should run decently, you just need to set it up bit better, cause some of the speedhack may negatively affect the performance. So either google pcsx2 settings for those games or play around (and try that new MTVU hack).

    @ Anon 54

    I reckon not anytime soon. Just for recent comparison (I don't remember what build was 0.9.6) 0.9.7 was build 3878 (stable) and 0.9.8 was 4600. Regards.

  45. @Goran H. Thank you. Now i run GT4 and GoW in 480p window mode. First time i run in full screen 1080p. Its the only way for me! These games run better but slowdowns persist in 20% of the games on full scenes.

  46. @ Anon 58

    Also one thing you may have not known. You can adjust most settings in new pcsx2 "on the fly". So run it in window (or fullscreen if you got two screens) and adjust speedhacks/gsdx settings etc. while you play the game and based on FPS (you can use FRAPS to check it or just read it from the windows titlebar) figure out your best settings.

  47. haha no new build for us anymore... xD all of you messed up..

  48. @ Anon 60

    While I do admit it is a bit weird (been 13 days since last build), there isn't anything to be worried about IMO, as far as I'm aware devs didn't officially resign, henceforth it's just a short break or they are planing something big, like it happened tons of times before (pcsx2 and dolphin are the most active emu's and it happens, not to mention other ones where even couple of months of wait isn't that weird). So... stay put and enoy. Cheers!

    P.S. Here's a automated pcsx2 bot for those really inpatient ones (http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/).

  49. thats a big YEAH!!! cheers!!! Wheres your beer??? :DD

  50. Not anywhere near me (soobs), although I think I have somewhere little bit of whiskey left. *facepalm* Guess that will have to do. Cheers! Anyways this waiting is really getting on my nerves. >.> I wish they would kinda made new builds just out the heck of it like...

    PCSX2 SVN Changelog:
    I'm kinda bored, so what's new with you guys?

    It's not like it'll change anything major, it's more of... an addiction (>.>). jk. Anyway, I'm really sleepy, regards!

  51. Please, FIX "Area 51", "Ghost Hunter"," Dead or Alive 2"...really need these games

    ..Please, FIX to the "Echo Night Beyond'', "Haunting Ground","SILENT HILL ORIGINS", SILENT HILL(Shettered Memories)...Please, Please....
    When cleaning defects..

  52. @ Justin

    Anything for Justin Bieber. May I have the honor to present you with "sledge-hammer>face-lift" treatment? lol

    Complaining here won't do you good. Go on official pcsx2 forums, and as far as I'm aware Silent hill Origins and Shattered Memories, Area 51 and Haunting Ground are playable with new 0.9.8. I mean *shrugs* I FIXED THEM! So you must be doing something wrong. Regards.

  53. why pcsx2 project stop why the project members are not working on it from 14 september to 25.what happen what is the reason?

  54. hey
    i have processor : Core2Quad Q9550 > Cash 12 MB
    Ram : KingStone > 6 GB
    VGA : ATI 5770 > 1 GB DDR5
    Windows : 7
    DX : 11 .........
    and after all that i have prooplem with resoultion of program , i make 1280x1280 and found shadows in an game , when i make 1024x1024 or Native not found shadows but found bad graphic , so i need good graphic .
    realy we need programator profissional to make new program good for all human

  55. @67

    I guess a "programator profissional to make new program good for all human" whatever it is, would charge money for his work wouldn't he? What we really need is people like you to stop whining about something that's free.

    Suppose PCSX2 was a PC game you just bought. If the graphics aren't good enough for you should just stop playing, return the game and GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

    So please GET YOUR MONEY BACK and stop complaining like a spoiled i-wanna-free-candy child.

  56. what happened to the "my dad has a ps3 emu" kid? :D

  57. @ anon69 what is ur problem ? , im search for program good to use it man , and every one watch this site every day need that . i tell the Owner of program thank you for the last program but need another good in net time :)

  58. @ Anon 71

    Maybe Sonny found out that he was leaking classified information and "took care of him". lol

  59. My problem is the graphics program of PlayStation. I own a computer, its very good. When these steps for setting up the program well. However, when more than resolution through the program to 1280 * 1280 I find a similar imagination of the player and the things around him . and my computer is i have processor : Core2Quad Q9550 > Cash 12 MB
    Ram : KingStone > 6 GB
    VGA : ATI 5770 > 1 GB DDR5
    Windows : 7
    DX : 11 .........
    so i need to fix this proplem

  60. does this have .hack before i download i wanna know


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