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PS2 Netemu Selector v1.5 is released. PS2 Netemu Selector is a PS2 Emulator for PS3. Application for changing ps2_netemu file versions on firmware 4.81, 4.82 (CEX, DEX, DECR (decr untested)). Based on modified version of XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) Installer. For original installer readme check file "READMEinstaller.markdown".

PS2 Netemu Selector v1.5 Changelog:
Removed 4.81 support
Removed blacklist from xparam2.elf in ps2 bios used in ps2_netemu for all emu versions
All emulator versions should boot now this titles (previously back to xmb):
SLPM_621.35 Final Fantasy: XI (Beta Version)
SCPS_175.01 Linux (for PlayStation2) Release 1.0
SCPS_110.01 I.Q. Remix
SCPN_601.60 PlayStation BB Navigator (Version 0.32)
SCPN_601.50 PlayStation BB Navigator (Version 0.31)
SCPN_601.40 PlayStation BB Navigator (Version 0.30)
SCPN_601.30 PlayStation BB Navigator (Version 0.20)
SCPN_601.01 PlayStation BB Navigator (Version 0.10)
PTPX_970.38 ?
PSXC_002.03 PSX Update Disc 1.31
PSXC_002.02 PSX Update Disc 1.20
PSXC_002.01 PSX Update Disc 1.10
PDPX_991.09 DVD Player (Version 3.04)
PBPX_955.18 ?
PBPX_955.09 Linux for PS2 Release 1.0
PBPX_955.07 Playstation 2 Linux Runtime Eronment v1.0 (Disc 1)
PBPX_955.01 Linux for PS2 Beta Release 1
PBPX_952.39 Online Start Up Disc v3.0
PBPX_952.35 ?
PBPX_952.28 ?
PBPX_952.24 DVD Player (Version 2.16)
PBPX_952.22 DVD Player (Version 2.14)
PBPX_952.21 DVD Player (Version 2.12)
PBPX_952.11 DVD Utility Disc Version 2.10
PBPX_952.10 DVD Utility Disc Version 1.00
PBPX_952.09 DVD Player (Version 2.10)
PBPX_952.08 DVD Player (Version 2.10)
PBPX_952.07 DVD Player (Version 2.10)
PBPX_952.06 DVD Player (Version 2.01)
PBPX_952.03 DVD Utility Disc Version 1.01
PBPX_952.02 DVD Utility Disc Version 1.01
PBPX_952.01 DVD Utility Disc Version 1.00

Download: PS2 Netemu Selector v1.5

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