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EmuCR: mGBAmGBA Git (2019/06/05) is compiled. mGBA is a new emulator for running Game Boy Advance games. It aims to be faster and more accurate than many existing Game Boy Advance emulators, as well as adding features that other emulators lack.

* GBA Video: Fix some GL handle leaks
* GBA Video: Window interpolation
* GBA Video: Fix GL degenerate windows
* GBA Video: Move bldy to WINDOW tex
* GBA Video: Fix GL mode 2 distortion
* Qt: Fall back to 1.4 if 2.x context is bad
* Qt: Fix Windows build
* GL: Fix FreeBSD build
* CHANGES: Update
* Merge branch 'feature/hwrender'
* GBA: Fix hi-res videos
* GBA Video: GL screenshots
* GBA Video: Fix GL sprite window blending
* OpenGL: Reset clear color as needed
* GBA Video: Massively simplify compositing
* Qt: Fix hwaccel settings
* GBA Video: Fix 256-color sprites in GL renderer
* OpenGL: Fix frame sizing regression
* GBA Video: Fix VAOs on Nvidia
* GBA Video: Minor GL cleanup
* OpenGL: Use VAOs
* Qt: Port to QOpenGLWidget
* Qt: Reduce flickering by resizing less often
* Qt: Reload GL context on main thread after shutting down painter
* CMake: Fix Windows build issues
* Qt: Add settings for enhancements
* Core: Improve OpenGL integration, update Qt to use improvements
* GBA Video: GL compatibility fixes
* GBA Video: Clean up GL uniforms
* GBA Video: Windows in GL
* GBA Video: Initialize GL backgrounds better
* GBA Video: GL better blending and finalization
* SDL: Fix initialization ordering issues
* GBA Video: GL semitransparent OBJs
* GBA Video: Add transformed objects to GL
* GBA Video: Add per-pixel flags in GL
* GBA Video: GL sprite initial work
* GBA Video: Mode 2 cubic interpolation
* GBA Video: GL cleanup, initial work on blending
* GBA Video: Basic interpolation for GL renderer
* Core: Some texid plumbing
* Core: Begin on video scale hack
* GBA Video: Add GL mode 2
* GBA Video: Pass disabled layers through proxy
* GBA Video: Better batching/depth testing
* GBA Video: Finish GL mode 0 renderer
* GBA Video: Mostly functional mode 0 GL renderer
* GBA Video: Start mode 0 GL renderer
* GBA Video: Move video registers and structs into common file
* GBA Video: Begin fleshing out GL renderer
* GBA Video: Start GL renderer
* Feature: More video logging plumbing
* Qt: Add VideoProxy
* Fixed link cable stability
* Implement atomic macros for win32
* Use atomic functions in more places

mGBA Git Changelog:
* Switch: Option to use built-in brightness sensor for Boktai
* GBA Video: Fix GL output ivec rank
* GBA: Work around CFFI regression
* GBA SIO: Stop using bitfield structs
* Qt: Cap audio buffer size to 8192
* Qt: Only allow one Frame Inspector to be open
* GBA Core: Separate mVL proxy from generic proxy
* GBA Video: Fix color normalization in GL

Download: mGBA Git (2019/06/05)
Source: Here

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