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EmuCR: Z64K Z64K (2019/06/05) is released. Pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 64, VIC 20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators should run on any platform with an updated java runtime environment installed.

Z64K Changelog:
5 June
Updates to TIA RESP timing during draw. 32 char demo now has correct spacing.
Updates to TIA RESMP timing. Snoopy clouds and landscape display much better.

4 June
Reset Cartridge to default bank on when resetting the Atari 2600
Fixed some MOS6532 default values on reset of Atari 2600. Summer Games and Winter Games work now.
Removed some glitches during TIA HMOVE .
Update to RESMP timing. Clouds in Snoopy display much better.

Download: Z64 (2019/06/05)

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