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EmuCR: DBGLDOSBox Game Launcher 0.91 (2020/02/08) is released. DBGL is a Java frontend for DOSBox, based largely upon the proven interface of D-Fend.

DOSBox Game Launcher changelog:
Added support for importing multiple gamepacks in one go (mgtroyas).
Fixed dosbox conf canonical file location for some scenarios.
Fixed check for default Dosboxversion when initiating add game wizard (Luke Jensen).
Provide basic support for importing GoG profiles (using "mount c .." or consisting of multiple confs) (Luke Jensen).
Improve jre support on MacOS (Jorge).
Take .cue/.iso/etc into account when determining canonical game dir (pantercat).
Mark games for export with path containing pathseparator (Neville).
Support a few more booter extensions (Neville).
Properly update profiles and templates list on dosboxversion update.

Download: DOSBox Game Launcher 0.91 (2020/02/08)
Source: Here

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