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NSFPlay Git (2020/02/11) is compiled. NSFPlay is an NSF player for Windows and plugin for Winamp. It is a fork of the original program by Brezza, intended to provide support for more recent Windows operating systems, and improve its accuracy and utility.

NSFPlay Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #27 from jprjr/fix-warnings
* fix typo UNUSEED -> UNUSED
* keep unused filter windows, suppress warning with comment instead
* win: fix const char */char * error
* xgm: fix signed/unsigned comparison warning, set-but-not-read variable
* xgm: remove set but unused variable
* vcm: silence warning when vcm_itoa is unused
* xgm: remove unused char buffer from NSF::DebugOut
* xgm: use explicit cast to UINT32 in fader
* xgm: remove unused window functions
* vcm: make ValueCtrl constructor order match init order
* xgm: fix uninitialized variable error
* xgm: remove unused variables
* xgm: fix warning about using result of assignemnt without parentheses
* xgm: fix warning about returning string literals as char *
* xgm: add virtual destructors to abstract classes
* fix gcc/clang error: missing definition for strcmp, memset, memcmp
* cleanup: remove nsf_tag sources from xgm

EmuCR: NSFPlay

Download: NSFPlay Git (2020/02/11)
Source: Here

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