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binjgb Git (2020/03/29) is complied. binjgb is a Gameboy emulator implemented in C. It's a simple GB/GBC emulator.

binjgb Features:
* Runs in the browser using WebAssembly
* Hacky-but-passable CGB support!
* Cycle accurate, passes many timing tests (see below)
* Supports MBC1, MBC1M, MMM01, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5 and HuC1
* Save/load battery backup
* Save/load emulator state to file
* Fast-forward, pause and step one frame
* Rewind and seek to specific cycle
* Disable/enable each audio channel
* Disable/enable BG, Window and Sprite layers
* Convenient Python test harness using hashes to validate
* (WIP) Debugger with various visualizations (see below)

binjgb Changelog:
* Rebuild emscripten version
* Switch canvas to using box-sizing: content-box
* Fix JOYP interrupt

Download: binjgb Git (2020/03/29) x64
Download: binjgb Web

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  1. You should mention macOS and Linux. It will run those system. Please edit and let people know that they can. Not only for Windows, thanks!


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