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EmuCR: lolSneslolSnes Git (2020/03/31) is compiled. lolSnes is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) rom emulator for the Nintendo DS (NDS) flash cards. It is compatible with all versions of the 3DS / DSi / DS Lite and the original NDS as long as you have a NDS Flash Card capable of running homebrew .nds roms.

lolSnes features:
• Mostly complete CPU emulation
• Basic PPU support (mode 1 BGs, sprites, mosaic, master brightness)
• SPC700 emulation (no sound though)
• SRAM with auto-saving
• and even more!

lolSnes Git Changelog:
Change the clone depth Makes it faster and removes the "disk full" thing

Download: lolSnes Git (2020/03/31)
Source: Here

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