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EmuCR: dolwinDolwinPlayground 0.132 is released. This is the most portable version of the Dolwin build. The emulation is loaded and started via the command line (argv[1] is path to the file that you want to run). Debug messages (Debug::Report) are printed using printf. The emulator core uses Null backends (AudioNull, VideoNull, GraphicsNull, PadNull). You can use this code as a reference example to create your own Dolwin UI implementation.

DolwinPlayground 0.132 Changelog:
This is the first attempt at porting Dolwin to Linux-like operating systems.

Let me remind you that Playground is a "smaller" version of Dolwin, without a graphical interface and with Null backends (that is, no graphics, sound, etc.). All that is visible to the user is the emulator debug messages.

Porting was done in WSL2 environment on Windows, Ubuntu version 18.04.

Download: DolwinPlayground for Ubuntu 0.132
Source: Here

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