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EmuCR:VirtualC64VirtualC64 v4.2 is released. VirtualC64 is a C64 emulator for Mac OS X from Dirk W. Hoffmann. VirtualC64 emulates a Commodore 64 personal computer on your Macintosh.

VirtualC64 v4.2 Changelog:
Fixed a VICII canvas drawing bug in the vertical border area.
Fixed a VICII sprite drawing bug in cycle 63.
Disabling sprite-sprite collisions in the GUI had no effect.
Some controls for configuring the „cut layers“ feature were not working properly.
The shift-lock detection trick is working now (cia/ciaports.prg).
Fixed VICE test C64/autostart/test.crt.
The new versions comes with a built-in screen recorder (similar to the one in vAmiga).
A new option has been added to configure the power supply (50Hz or 60Hz).
The „Edit“ menu has a new option for performing a soft reset.
VICII emulation has been accelerated significantly (emulator runs up to 55% faster).


Download: VirtualC64 v4.2
Source: Here

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