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Kernal64 v1.7.1b14 is released. Kernal64 is a Scala Commodore 64 & 128 emulator.

Kernal64 v1.7.1b14 changelog:
Rollback of VIC's pipeline function: unfortunately it's not yet full functional; more VICE's testbench tests passed but more demos broken.
Debugger: registers are now shown in a table
REU: changed floatingBus emulation, still something to fix.
Fixed --warp option: now disables audio output
Added --custom-glue-logic option
Fixed handling of undocumented opcodes when operate in decimal mode.
Fixed state saving: included PAL/NTSC VIC'state
Fixed handling of CPU port's fading bits (6,7 for C64, 7 for C128)
Added external -Dkernal64.config property to specify the configuration directory.
Added new --viciinew option.
Added 1024,2048,4096 sizes to --reu-type option.
Fixed handling of warp mode: now when switching back to normal speed ther's no freeze time to wait for.
CIA: fixed light-pen handling
new SID (resid) implementation
REU: when REU asserts DMA, AEC is high, and every pending writes are lost.
Datassette: fixed counter on recording
GMOD3 cartridge implementation
New KCS cart
VDC: fixed cursor handling introduced with graphic line buffer. Now the cursor is checked on every line.
Fixed REU handling: when REU is performing DMA bit 6,7 of D506 set which bank is involved.
Removed MMU registers from c64 mode: they are not visible.
Fixed deactivation, when writing to register 0x2E

Download: Kernal64 v1.7.1b14

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