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EmuCR: XeniaXenia Git (2021/11/13) is compiled. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. It does not run games (yet).

Xenia Git Changelog:
* [GPU] Fix a crash when GetWindowTitleText is called before the texture cache is initialized
* [GPU] Fix quads>triangles cvar, primitive type test cases
* [APU] Manage XAudio 2.8 lifecycle in MTA thread + error handling cleanup
* [D3D12] Fix 8192 texture size storage
* [GPU] Revert 64bpp resolve addressing regression caused by a misunderstanding
* [GPU] Explain 1.5x scaling issues in a comment

Xenia Git (2021/11/13) : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles bowfile letsupload megaup mixdrop send uptobox zippyshare
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