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EmuCR: DOSBoxDapplegrey v5.2 is released. Dapplegrey is a frontend for the MacOS X DOSBox port (which you can get from the official DOSBox website) written in REALbasic. Not only the plain DOSBox app, but DOSBox versions included in DBGL or Boxer will also be recognized as DOSBox binary source. With Dapplegrey you can easily set options the DOSBox gives to you w/o having to enter them manually using the Terminal or have to edit the DOSBox config file. This file will be written before Dapplegrey tells DOSBox to start the DOS game.

Important hints for users of earlier versions:
- Recognizes the new DOSBox Daum Build dated Jan 3, 2015, which can be found at http://ykhwong.x-y.net
- Adds a new menu item in the DOSBox menu, „Open DOSBox in Finder“, which is useful if you see the Finder message about an „unidentified developer“ at the attempt to run DOSBox from within Dapplegrey. Use this menu item to open the DOSBox in the Finder, and run it once by using the Ctrl-Click method.

Dapplegrey v5.2 Changelog:
- No longer mixes the games listings when the user enters the Return key while editing game descriptions or AUTOEXEC.BAT lines.
- Restoring and Saving copies of the User’s Games list has been revisited. Dapplegrey no longer delete the User’s Games list originated in version 4.x , but offers this list in the Restore dialog now as well.
- Selected keyboard layout will be used now. Previous 5.x versions had not set the keyboardlayout to the one the user selected before. Does still not work with the Daum build, tho’.

Download: Dapplegrey v5.2
Source: Here

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