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EmuLoaderEmu Loader v7.7.3 is released. Emu Loader was created to manage an arcade games emulator called M.A.M.E. With this frontend, you can change practically any option that is available in the emulator, like the screen resolution, sound quality, game options, etc. There are lots of extra features that makes your life much more easier, like the snapshots viewer where all captured images from M.A.M.E. games can be viewed when selecting games.

Emu Loader v7.7.3 Changelog:

Tons of Neo-Geo games were left out of the 'Neo-Geo' filter for HBMAME as there are lots of different driver names for Neo-Geo hacks ('NeoGeo' device sets are not included!)
Tons of CPS-1 games were left out of the 'CPS-1' filter for HBMAME; added support for 'cps1mis' driver name; CPS-1 hacks now appear in the list
Some PGM 2 games were left out of the "PGM' filter; added 'pgm2.c' driver detection
Windows themes disabled in checkboxes (SEGA Model 2 Settings screeen)
Horizontal scroll bar visible when CHD files are shown (Game Details screen)
Crazy flickering in TLabel controls when using with TGaugeBar controls
If emu default settings file (mame.ini and others) for AlterMAME is not found, EL would not auto-create the file for AlterMAME, but for MAME (main menu "AlterMAME Default Settings" and games popup menu "AlterMAME Custom Settings)
Bios entry '[Use Default]' was not sticking at the top of the list (MAME/HBMAME Settings screen, Miscellaneous tab)
If you have multiple folders in 'inipath' entry (mame.ini), EL would force the use of 'mame_dir\ini\' no matter what. This is now fixed, but only the first folder will be used
eg.: inipath c:\emu\mame\mycustom_ini;.;ini
EL will use 'c:\emu\mame\mycustom_ini' as MAME's ini folder
eg.: inipath .;ini;c:\emu\mame\mycustom_ini
EL will fallback to 'mame_dir\ini\' as MAME's ini folder (no support for '.' folder path)
Error 'Cannot focus an invisible window' when switching between grouped view and other view modes

Updates to Create MAME/HBMAME Games List:
- detection of CHD files in bios/device sets, for MAME v0.159 and newer
- detection of discrete audio type for bios/device sets
- detection of samples entry for device sets
- detection of display info for device sets
- improved detection of discrete audio entries to maintain compatibility with older and new MAME builds
- all games with driver name '???discrete???' will be tagged as discrete audio; for UME
- some code optimization to remove duplicated code
Catlist filter 'PinMAME' renamed to 'Mechanical' ('Misc' tool bar button), and catver.ini scan is now done by a 'mechanic' tag instead of 'pinmame' to maintain compatiblity with older and new Catlist files
Catlist filter 'Fruit Machines' ('Misc' tool bar button) are now also filtered with categories that contain 'reel' tag (for Catlist v0.159 and newer); 'fruit' tag is still checked to maintain compatibility with older Catlist files
Updates to the multi-games loading feature (select multiple games of the same system and run with MAME):
- broken feature... now it works again
- Neo-Geo compatible games list renamed from 'neogeo.ini' to 'multicart_neogeo.ini'
- removed custom Neo-Geo and SEGA Mega-Tech message box icons ('resouces\main_icons\msgbox\' folder)
- added support for ST-V system (4 games max); supported games listed in 'arcade\multicart_stv.ini'
- new filter: 'Show Only ST-V Multi-Slot', to filter out games not compatible with multi-slot ('Misc' tool bar button)
- added support for PlayChoice-10 system (10 games max), but MAME doesn't support multi-slot loading for this system yet
Minor source code maintenance... for consistency


Create custom settings for device sets is disabled (pointless anyway). Custom settings for bios sets is still supported

Changes to MAME/HBMAME Settings screen:
- you can select multiple folders for .ini paths again; 'Folders' tab
- screen layout seriously updated (... still need some work)
- grouped the most important and most used settings in 'Video 1' tab
- grouped HLSL and GLSL into 'Video 2' tab
- renamed 'Video 1' tab to 'Video and Audio'
- renamed 'Video 2 and Audio' to 'Video 2'
- HLSL and GLSL auto-detection updated (mame.ini; ume.ini; sdlmame.ini; etc)
-'Direct3D Post-Processing Effects' panel and its options will only be enabled if 'hlsl_enable' entry is found in the .ini file
-'OpenGL Post-Processing Effects' panel and its options will only be enabled if 'gl_glsl' entry is found in the .ini file
- new 'OpenGL' and 'BGFX' options in 'Video Output Mode'; MAME v0.159 minimum required
- new 'SDL 2 Accel' and 'BGFX' options in 'Video Output Mode'; SDLMAME v0.159 minimum required
- new setting: "Provider for UI Font" (Miscellaneous tab)
- you can no longer customize folders for custom game settings (rom_path, ini_path, artwork_directory, etc...); only available on emulator default settings
- when creating custom game settings, Emu Loader will read a list of config files, so settings from previous files are loaded and overwritten, just like MAME does when loading a game. From top to bottom:
- mame.ini; ume.ini; hbmame.ini; emufilename.ini; etc...
- debug.ini
- vertical.ini (if game screen is vertical)
- horizont.ini (if game screen is horizontal)
- arcade.ini (UME only)
- console.ini (UME only
- computer.ini (UME only)
- othersys.ini (UME only; this filename and its purpose is a mistery to me!)
- vector.ini (if game is vector)
- source\sourcefile.ini or sourcefile.ini
- biosname.ini
- parentgame.ini (if game is clone)
- gamename.ini
- every time you click on "Reload Settings" button, all these files are reloaded, starting from mame.ini
- if you create a custom settings for say... Vector games, files below vector.ini are ignored (as it should be...)
- there's a new "Reset to Default" button, that reset settings to emulator default, ignoring all custom files
- new feature 'Validate All Custom Files on Save': when saving custom settings back, EL will compare current settings with all previous files (if found), to make sure these settings are not duplicated and to keep custom files clean;
keep this setting disabled to validate settings only against emulator default settings (mame.ini; ume.ini; etc)
- SDLMAME/SDLUME/SDLHBMAME auto-detection function updated to search for 'sdlvideofps' entry in 'sdlmame.ini'; 'sdlume.ini'; etc
- select folder for fonts added back, multiple folders supported (Folders tab)
- select folder for debugger comments added back (Folders tab)
- replaced TListView by a regular TEdit control for 'Controllers Definitions' folder, 'Crosshair Files' folder, 'Sample Sets' folder; multiple folders are still supported
- replaced TEdit control by TListView for 'Ini Files' folder; easier to move folders around...
- removed "custom screen name" edit box as screen names in the format "\\.\DISPLAYn" are safe to use
Driver 'timeplt' (Time Pilot), 'tp84' (Time Pilot '84), 'circusc' (Circus Charlie GX380) added to the 'Konami Old School 2 (80s)' filter
Driver 'asterix' added to the 'Konami Old School 1 (90s)' filter

Download: EmuLoader v7.7.3
Source: Here

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