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EmuCR: FB AlphaFB Alpha v0.2.97.35 is released. FB Alpha or FBA as it is commonly known is an emulator of arcade games, that is, it takes the program code, graphics data, etc., from an original arcade game and emulates the hardware to make the game run in it's original form. As far as the game is concerned it is running in it's original cabinet.

FB Alpha is an open-source project and it is programmed by a group of people known as the FBA Team. Over the years this has comprised of myself, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, LoopMaster, Mike Haggar, Hyper Yagami and Ayeye. FB Alpha is based on the original FinalBurn by Dave.

FB Alpha v0.2.97.35 changelog:
- Fixed VS Block- Breaker / Saru-Kani-Hamu-Zou on Super Kakeko Nova System is now fully- working/playable [dink]
- Fixed Ken-Go on- Irem m72 hardware [dink]
- Fixed graphics- glitching/screen flashing in Mr. Heli / Battle Chopper [dink]
- Fixed bad- static/clipping noise on several Neo-Geo games (Art of Fighting, Football- Frenzy, etc) with FM Interpolation [dink]
- Fixed- unclear/staticy sample/instruments in all games on Irem m72 hardware- [dink]
- Fixed sound in- Renegade, replacing custom ADPCM with MSM5205 [barry, Alex Jackson]
- Reduced MSVC- compiler optimisation level (fixes Tetris Plus 2 and maybe others) [barry]
- Fixed Thunder- Dragon 2 sprite priorities and missing instruments/sounds [dink]
- Fixed background- glitching in level 2 of R-Type Leo [dink]
- Fixed Turbo Force- sprite priorities [dink]
- Fixed broken music- in Hammer Away level 2+, including a fix to the rf5c68 pcm core buffer- handling [dink]
- Fixed distorted- music in Air Duel after the level 1 boss [dink]
- Fixed Karnov -- broken after updating to the latest Musashi core [dink]
- Fixed Vapor Trail- running too slow (vblank timing) [dink]
- Fixed Land Stalker- (Megadrive), hang after character selection [dink]
- Fixed SFX and music- in Bucky O'Hare, improve synchronization [dink, iq_132]
- Fixed Sega GP Rider- hang at start [dink]
- Fixed highlights in- Mystic Warriors and other konamigx games [iq_132]
- Added driver for- SunA 8-bit games: Hard Head, Hard Head 2, Super Ranger, Sparkman and Star- Fighter [iq_132]
- New Game Info- feature, with history.dat support, pcb, marquee, in-game, boss, marquee,- flyer, pcb and more [Barry]
- Add Aetherbyte- Santatlantean to the PC Engine driver [dink]
- Misc. Konami driver- cleanups [iq_132]
- Preserve NEC- v25/v35 decode pointer on state load/save, fixes savestate issues with- Ken-go and other V25/V35 games that use encryption [dink]
- Added driver for- Tecmo Bowl [iq_132]
- Fixed MSM5205 sound- in Tecmo Bowl [barry]
- Added driver for- Zaxxon, Super Zaxxon and Congo Bongo [vbt, iq_132]
- Added Fantasy Zone- Time Attack bootleg to the Sega System-16B driver [Barry]
- Fixed Battle- Bakraid crash in level 5 at the first mid-boss [dink]
- Added Battle- Garegga Zakk version [dink]
- Added clone of- Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara (960208 Asia) [ArcadeHacker,- The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Fixed warped record- tempo effect in Exed Exes and Vulgus [dink]
- Fixed music and- flipped screen-on-coinup issue in Terra Cresta [dink]
- Fixed music in the- game Blue Print [dink]
- Added game Grasspin- to the Blue Print driver [dink]
- Added driver for- Gulf Storm, The Last Day, Pollux, Blue Hawk, Sadari, Flying Tiger, Gun- Dealer '94, Super-X, R-Shark and Pop Bingo on Dooyong hardware [iq_132]
- Added Uncle Poo to- the Jack and the Giantkiller driver [dink]
- Added clone of- Capcom World 2 (920611 Japan, alt) [Bonky0013, manimani, JacKc]
- Added driver for- Konami's Finalizer [iq_132]
- Added clone of- Battle K-Road (alternate sound) [Manuel Assoni, JacKc]
- Slightly improved- the music/sfx in Wyvern-F0 [dink]
- Sync the Psychic5- driver romsets with MAME [JacKc]
- Added driver for- Konami's Rock 'n Rage [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Konami's Blades of Steel [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Konami's Jail Break [iq_132]
- Added game Come- Back Toto on Snow Bros. / Hyper-Pac hardware [system11, David Haywood]
- Preserve AY8910- port handler pointers on state load/save, fixes savestate stability issues- [dink]
- Added driver for- Konami's Battlantis [iq_132]
- Fixed- slowdowns/sprite flicker/crash on exit in several Dataeast Dec8 games- [dink]
- Added Birdie Try to- the Dataeast Dec0 driver [gamezfan, dink]
- Fixed the music- tempo fluxuations in Vapor Trail and Crude Buster [dink]
- Fixed mis-aligned- sprite:bg layer in Vapor Trail [dink]
- Fixed slowdowns in- Air Buster [dink]
- Improved the sound- in 1942 [dink]
- Fixed music in- Pocket Gal Deluxe [dink]
- Added driver for- Konami's Labyrinth Runner / Trick Trap [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Konami's Iron Horse [iq_132]
- Sega SG-1000 driver- improvements - add games to the clone tree, fixed most non-working games- [dink]
- Hooked up Analogue- steering for Konami GT, Red Force and Hyper Crash [dink]
- Fixed lost irq- state in the 68k core with savestates, fixes Gradius II's savestates- [dink]
- Added PuzzLove to- the Silver Millenium driver [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Konami's Circus Charlie [iq_132]
- Added clone of Side- Arms - Hyper Dyne (US, 861202) [system11, JacKc]
- Fixed graphics- issues in Marine Boy level 4+ [dink]
- Correct rom names- for the Pang / Buster Bros. sets. [Bad A Billy, Smitdogg, Tormod, The- Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Hook up filters to- Pooyan and fix music [dink]
- Added driver for- Konami's Tutanham [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Roc 'n Rope [iq_132]
- Added driver for- MegaZone [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Time Pilot/Space Pilot [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Time Pilot '84 [iq_132]
- Fixed music, sound- and sprite flickering in Gyruss [dink]
- Standardized IRQ- status and RAM/ROM mapping amongst the cpu cores [iq_132]
- Added ability to- output to MONO in the sn76496 sound core [iq_132]
- Fixed occasional- missing explosion sound trigger in Galaga [dink]
- Added Sengoku 3 /- Sengoku Densho 2001 (Evolution 1.0, FCHT hack) [JacKc]
- Fixed the alignment- of the text layer in Pac-Land [dink]
- Added the ability- to change the samplerate of the MSM6295 at any time [iq_132]
- Added driver for- Legend of Makai, P-47, Kick Off, Takeda Shingen, Ninja Kazan, Astyanax,- Hachoo!, Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyoo, Plus Alpha, Saint Dragon, RodLand,- Phantasm, Avenging Spirit, Earth Defense Force, 64th Street, Soldam, Big- Striker, Chimera Beast, Cybattler, Hayaoshi Quiz Ouza Ketteisen and- Peek-a-Boo! on Jaleco Megasys1 hardware [iq_132]
- Added- CPU_IRQSTATUS_HOLD (like _AUTO but with long ACK) to the Z80 interface- [dink]
- Added the Sky Army- tuturial driver [iq_132]
- Added clone of- Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan) (ARCADIA review build) [ShouTime,- JacKc]
- Added clone of- Super Spacefortress Macross II / Chou-Jikuu Yousai Macross II (GAMEST- review build) [ShouTime, JacKc]
- Added driver for- Sega Master System and Game Gear [dink]
- Added blending- effects to the tecmo16 driver to fix Riot's intro [iq_132]
- Added clone of- Gemini Wing (World, bootleg) [f205v, Tirino73, JacKc]
- Added stereo- capability and reset function to the SN76496 sound core [dink]
- Added driver for- Pandora's Palace on Konami GX328 hardware [iq_132]
- Added preliminary- driver for games on Alpha 68K hardware [barry]
- Fixed various- issues in the localisation templates [barry]
- Added support to- the interface for a third YM2203 [barry]
- Added dat file- support for Sega Master System and Game Gear [barry]
- Added filter to- Game Selection dialog for Game Gear [barry]
- Updated the libpng- library to v1.6.16 [barry]
- Synced sets with- MAME 0.159 [barry, JacKc]

Download: FB Alpha v0.2.97.35 UniCode Binary
Download: FB Alpha v0.2.97.35 x64 Binary
Download: FB Alpha v0.2.97.34 Windows XP Binary
Source: Here

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