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EmuCR: Project 64Project64 Git (2015/03/07) is compiled. Project 64 is a proprietary Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. It employs a plug-in system that allows third-party software developers to create their own implementation of a specified component. Project64 allows the user to play Nintendo 64 games on a computer by reading ROM images, either dumped from the read-only memory of a Nintendo 64 cartridge or created directly on the computer as homebrew. Project64 started as an exercise by Jabo and zilmar in an attempt to see if they were capable of programming a Nintendo 64 emulator. It's open source now.

Project64 Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #233 from cxd4/i_dont_always_demo_but_when_i_do
Cube Demo (PD) has not had any problems since PJ64 1.6.
* Cube Demo (PD) has not had any problems since PJ64 1.6.
* Merge pull request #232 from MELERIX/patch
* Cleanup
Related with:
* Merge pull request #231 from cxd4/so_i_herd_u_liek_CD64
speed improvements to "CD64 Memory Test" ROM
* like 1-2 VI/s faster with TLB usage assumed out of the core
* lol when's the last time these demos were tested?
* um...C:45 is not an unknown country code? dumb kangaroos.
* CD64 Memory Test runs fastest with interpreter core.
The Project64 recompiler is mostly to get games running at full speed for playability, but this is not a game, and implementing memory address range prediction in the recompiler to prevent missing the branch weighs would possibly not be worth it for a demo which should run fast enough with the interpreter.
* Merge pull request #230 from Nekokabu/master
Update Japanese.pj.Lang
* Update Japanese.pj.Lang
Update Japanese language file
* Merge pull request #227 from AmbientMalice/patch-2
MusyX\MORT\Factor 5 sound fixes+misc.
* MusyX\MORT\Factor 5 sound fixes+misc.
With these changes, games such as RE2 now use Fixed Audio timing with appropriate VI\AI values, and now have near-perfect audio that will no longer bug out randomly, due to low framerates, or when loading save-states. Infernal Machine no longer has crackling audio. San Francisco Rush 2049 seems improved. Rogue Squadron\Naboo have fixed sound. Tarzan, Rugrats, and other games using Factor 5 tech were adjusted. Some ran fine on vanilla settings for some reason.
I disabled "Start Changed" for Naboo and Infernal Machine, since having it enabled causes significant stuttering in some menus.
FYI, MORT is the name of the speech codec used by Factor 5 games.
I decided on VI=2200 and AI=785 for most titles because those values hit a sweet spot between stopping crackle and keeping sound in synch. (Some games were happy with AI=400.) Some further tweaking might provide better results.

Download: Project64 Git (2015/03/07)


  1. still have a black screen in background of ocarina of time while using iZ3D.exe and running in stereoscopic 3d (it displays correctly with stereo disabled). while I am happy to report far less crashes, I am unsure if this is because of recent development or because I installed "all-in-one runtimes intaller" graphics packages updates. the framebuffer effects i am referring to here DO work correctly with the 1964 r146 emulator and the "1964video n64 video plugin community version" graphics plugin with IZ3D stereo 3D enabled.

    I sincerely hope this information gets to the developers of this git and they can experiment with iZ3D (iZ3D only runs in windows 7. not 8.1 or 10 technical preview), because this game is freaking sweet in 3d, and the widescreen patches in project 64 are freaking sweet. it would be far superior to have it in 3d AND widescreen. or maybe they could implement some stereoscopy within project64 (like the newest revisions of dolphin.exe wii/gamecube emulator have added recently) so I can abandon windows 7 (please <3).

    I am beyond happy to see such prolific development in this emulator in recent month, and I pray that it continues to the point that I can see one of these solutions implemented. thanks! <3 :D

  2. *addendum* ... the 3d only works with jabo 1.7xx and 1.6 in pj64 ... it does not work at all with the glide64 plugin (presumably because it is opengl. and the gldirect gl to d3d converter patch does not word as it does with epsxe and peops 1.78 plugin (tridef.exe version 5.3 3d middleware [google earth profile] in that case--newer versions of tridef introduce glitches)... presumably because it is a newer opengl).

    to recap (in order of preference):
    plz add NVidia 3d vision support (a third idea)
    plz add stereoscopy within pj64 (dolphin even gets opengl working in 3d by using side by side format)
    plz increase iz3d compatibility


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  4. black background in ***start menu*** of OoT--in 3d. had to clarify, sorry for the triple post! <3

  5. 1 last bit of feedback (totally unrelated to any of the above issues and irrespective of any 3d):

    Mario kart 64 dk jungle parkway (among a certain few other courses) still runs waaaaaaay too fast on modern machines in 2 or more player mode. it's always the same few courses (as I have seen in google searches. and this was even a glitch on the wii virtual store version of the game), this is just the courseI test on. this is true on any operating system, emulator, and plugin 3d or not. screwing with refresh rates and regions can fix it but then other courses will be slower and this is no fix. from my searches I ascertained that the myth is that Nintendo hacked those courses somehow to run at acceptable framerates that were capped on the limitations of n64 hardware, but on newer/faster hardware, those few courses in multiplayer mode run waaay to fast.

    it makes the game unplayable in multiplayer mode :\ thanks again!

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