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EmuCR:Nestopia Nestopia Git (2016/05/20) is compiled. This project is a fork of the original Nestopia source code, plus the Linux port. The purpose of the project is to enhance the original, and ensure it continues to work on modern operating systems.

Nestopia Supported Platforms:
* Bump version number
* Disable SDL audio under 2.0.4
* Updated documentation and hardcoded inputs
* Added fullscreen toggle to menu
* Allow Enter and Space to be entered as input mappings

Nestopia Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #24 from Monroe88/palettes
Add New Palettes
* Remove unecessary retro_reset() in check_variables() so a reset is not triggered every time a core option is changed.
* Add PAL palette from puNES to core options
* Add FirebrandX's YUV-V3 and Unsaturated-V5 palettes

Download: Nestopia Git (2016/05/20)
Source: Here


  1. Great to see Nestopia still getting updated in this current day and age...it IS the one of the best Famicom/NES emulators ever made out there, after all.


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