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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2016/05/15) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #8740 from unknownbrackets/ir-vfpu
More VFPU comments, implement vmscl
* ir-jit: Oops, fix matrix scale + tranpose.
* jit-ir: Comment most of the vfpu ops.
* jit-ir: Oops, correct vtfm for transposed case.
The ones that are aligned are here in this case. Fixes crash in Crisis
* jit-ir: Implement vmscl.
* Merge pull request #8741 from unknownbrackets/ir-alu
IR the remaining ALU ops, correct div by zero
* Headless: Use --ir instead of -ir.
Other multi-letter options are prefixed too, let's be consistent.
* jit-ir: Add div/divu instructions.
* jit-ir: Enable IR for madd(u)/msub(u).
* Correct divide by zero HI/LO values a bit.
Interpreter is now correct, but it's probably not all that important to
get right in jit.
* jit-ir: Implement bit reverse instruction.
* Merge pull request #8739 from unknownbrackets/ir-vfpu
Add descriptions to some vfpu funcs, correct vtfm
* Oops, typos.
* jit-ir: Properly flip vtfm simd cases.
Disable the broken one and add clearer comments.
* jit-ir: Add some descriptions of mnemonics.
Sometimes I forget what vhdp etc. meant, let's make the VFPU code a bit
more accessible.
* Merge pull request #8737 from unknownbrackets/travis
Split the Android travis build into each ABI
* Remove __TIME__ from Log.h.
This seems to cause more ccache misses, and I don't think it's terribly
useful really.
* Split the Android travis build into each ABI.
This will create more builds, but we can cache them uniquely, and they
will complete faster.
* Merge pull request #8736 from unknownbrackets/ir-clear
Clear emuhacks on IR block destroy and save state
* jit-ir: Restore emuhacks before saving state.
Let's just ask jit to do this, not its block cache directly.
* jit-ir: Clear emuhacks on block destroy.
* FreeBSD buildfix.
We need Common to have the right _M_SSE define. Also, let's not define
SSE4 until we need it, since we might need ifs.
* Minor vulkan updates to match the latest SDK/validator
* Symbian buildfix, fix for fpu test
* Remove accidentally added file
* IR: Split Syscall into Syscall and ExitToPC, so we can put ApplyRoundingMode in between.
* Merge pull request #8725 from hrydgard/ir-jit
IR Interpreter
* Warning fixes
* More VFPU, vmmul thoughts
* Merge pull request #8735 from hrydgard/ir-jit-test
Buildfixes + Travis caching
* Try enabling Travis caching.
* Hack to make Symbian build.
* Qt: Remove CPU core option from menu.
We've removed on Windows too, and this fixes a build error.
* Simplifications and fixes
* Simple workaround for timing issue with coreState after syscall.
Also fixes off by one in ForceCheck.
* Optimize some common prefixes
* Add a couple more passes (2-op, optimize f<->v fp moves)
* Minor build and other fixes
* Merge pull request #8733 from unknownbrackets/ir-jit
jit-ir: Optimize out beql; break; sequences
* jit-ir: Optimize out beql; break; sequences.
These are often used following divs, and are harmless. Things get a bit
easier if we just never compile them.
* Merge pull request #8732 from unknownbrackets/ir-jit
Add a pass to remove temporary regs
* jit-ir: Add nan/inf compares.
Without this, Gods Eater Burst crashes before going in game.
* jit-ir: Improve vidt to handle more cases.
* jit-ir: Apply prefixes for vector init ops.
Without this, Gods Eater Burst is horribly broken.
* jir-ir: Correct vftm SIMD regs.
* jit-ir: Fix non-SSE Vec4Scale.
* jit-ir: Avoid flushing on a few Vec4 ops.
* jit-ir: Add some missing CONDITIONAL_DISABLEs.
* jit-ir: ExitToReg doesn't write to registers.
* jit-ir: Prevent reading ahead for each reg write.
* jit-ir: Expand unused regs to regular GPRs.
* jit-ir: Optimize out unused temp regs.
This way, if constants have made the temp obsolete (common with ins, for
example), it won't even get set anymore.
* IR: vcmp, vcmov, vhdp
* Bugfixes
* Forgot this
* IR: More VFPU. Support normal fp compares.
* IR: SIMD another matrix orientation. Fix various issues.
* Crashfix in savestate (hmmmm...)
* IR: Lots more VFPU support, some with SIMD
* Prefix prep
* Prefix prep
* IR: Merge the FPU and VFPU instruction sets, no reason to keep them apart
* IR: Some more VFPU
* More VFPU
* Do the voffset remapping before the IR. This will let us easily add some virtual VFPU registers for the IR to the end, plus it's slightly faster.
* IRFrontend shouldn't know about IRBlock
* Complete the separation of the IR compiler frontend from the "Jit"
* Separate the IR frontend from the IR "Jit"
* Refactor prep: Split JitInterface into MIPSFrontendInterface and JitInterface
* Skip const flush on set float constant
* Merge pull request #8731 from unknownbrackets/ir-jit
jit-ir: Correct downcount handling
* jit-ir: Correct downcount handling.
Oops, was wrong - already accounted for delay slots. Clear so we don't
double count when emitting a syscall.
Fixes FF4 utility msg flickering.
* Merge pull request #8727 from unknownbrackets/ir-jit
Apply more constant propagation to IR
* jit-ir: Fix replacement hooks.
* jit-ir: Remove redundant simplify pass.
This is just doing the same thing as the const folding pass, really.
* jit-ir: Add the rest to PropagateConstants.
Just for completeness.
* jit-ir: Fix SetConstV.
* jit-ir: Flush consts better for a few f/v ops.
* jit-ir: Propagate constants for shifts.
This might optimize away an IRTEMP_0 in such cases.
* jit-ir: Propagate constants even for overlaps.
* jit-ir: Skip flushing when updating PC.
* jit-ir: Propagate single-op constants.
* jit-ir: Add a utility func for applying passes.
* jit-ir: Skip const flush on downcount op.
This allows discarding more unused constants.
* More constant propagation
* jit-ir: Less instructions cause flushing in constant propagation.
* Qt, gcc, and Symbian buildfixes.
* Fix the fix
* Another buildfix
* Additional fixes and buildfixes
* Move the IR interpreter out into its own file. Rename it in the UI. First CMake and Android fixes.
* Address a bunch of comments, thanks for the review
* Initial VFPU
* More simplify pass
* Fix IRTEMP clash bug. Add more cases to the constant propagation pass.
* ir-jit: Re-enable mult. Fix bvf/bvt
* ir-jit: Fix bugs in rounding
* ir-jit: Fix bug in ext
* Fix wsbw
* Add support for float store/load
* Make the IRJit core selectable in developer tools
* Use the regcache in a new (incomplete) pass, PropagateConstants.
* ir-jit: Get rid of the regcache. Should be replaced with optimization passes.
* Initial work on mult and friends. Fix another bug.
* Disable debug file logging, fix issue with replacement functions, etc
* Fix a performance issue in CallSyscall
* Enough to run cpu_alu.prx.
* It's kind of starting to run
* Initial commit for IRJit


Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/05/15) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/05/15) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/05/15) Android
Source: Here

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