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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/06/19) is released. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* Corrected issue causing RTT to be inverted on the Y-axis.
* opengl: Fix reuse of same attrib buffer address.
* opengl: Reorder includes to prevent collision with WINAPI in glbinding.
* Fix bug causing "gpu force sync" to always be enabled.
* Fix incorrect handling of depth buffer surface data.
* Update README.md
* Implemented common surface textures in GPU.
Previously our color buffers, depth buffers and textures were
all loaded individually through separate maps from ppc to host.
This meant that games doing RTT would not render correctly.
* Fix bug with default values assigned to fs_out shader variables.
This cause some games to start rendering!
* Added option gpu::force_sync which forces emulator to run in step with GPU.
This option causes the GPU Driver to block inside of getSwapBuffers
until the game actually performs a SwapBuffer. This is neccessary to
enable the use of effective Nsight debugging.
* Fix bug where swap buffers are rendered before they are set up.
* Added stub implementations for snd_core voices.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/06/19)
Source: Here

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