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EmuCR:DeSmuMEDeSmuME SVN r5467 is compiled. DeSmuME is an open source Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. DeSmuME supports save states, the ability to increase the size of the screen and it supports filters to improve image quality. DeSmuME also supports microphone use on Windows and Linux ports, as well as direct video and audio recording. The emulator also features a built-in movie recorder.

DeSmuME SVN Changelog:
Cocoa Port:
- Fix a performance issue where if the status bar is hidden while Vertical Sync is enabled, then status text updates will cause a severe slowdown due to conflicting vertical syncs. (Fixed by setting the ‘hidden’ flag of the statusText control to YES while the status bar is hidden.)
GPU: - Reorder some functions to fix building on older compilers.
OpenGL Renderer: - Revert a change in setting the fog render bit for translucent fragments. Fixes the appearance of the Air Robo GP in Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. (Regression from r5464.)

Download: DeSmuME SVN r5467 x86
Download: DeSmuME SVN r5467 x64
Source: Here

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