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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2016/06/06) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #8803 from unknownbrackets/mpeg
Reject invalid MPEG puts for certain lib versions
* Mpeg: Move, rather than resetting, packetsAvail.
When we've got garbage data, this has to stay incorrect. Without this,
Megaman X gets confused when playing its video (because it enqueues
garbage packets.)
See #3318.
* Mpeg: Validate added packets.
Older libraries only, but this will cause it to reject packets that don't
make sense. So far, this seems to mirror the behavior of various garbage
packets sent to the real firmware.
* Mpeg: Validate data more during demux.
This also parses a bit earlier, not requiring a full 2048 bytes ahead at
all times.
* Mpeg: Write into the ringbuffer using actual ring.
This mimics behavior with clamped sizes and wrap around, and also makes it
easier to implement the garbage data handling the PSP has.
* Mpeg: Validate the pack header.
* Mpeg: Make sure not to demux outside the buffer.
* Mpeg: Treat negative available packets as zero.
* Mpeg: Require less memory for older lib versions.
It seems it started requiring 64k at 1.05.


Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/06/06) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/06/06) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/06/06) Android
Source: Here

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