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EmuCR: higanhigan v100 is released. higan (formerly bsnes) is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
- Famicom
- Super Famicom
- Game Boy
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance

higan also supports the following subsystems:
- Super Game Boy
- BS-X Satellaview
- Sufami Turbo

higan v100 Changelog:
* FC: render during pixels 1-256 instead of 0-255 [hex_usr]
* FC: rewrote controller emulation code
* SFC: 8% speedup over the previous release thanks to PPU optimizations
* SFC: fixed nasty DB address wrapping regression from v099
* SFC: USART developer controller removed; superseded by 21fx
* SFC: Super Multitap option removed from controller port 1; ports renamed 2-5
* SFC: hidden option to experiment with 128KB VRAM (strictly for novelty)
* higan: audio volume no longer divided by number of audio streams
* higan: updated controller polling code to fix possible future mapping issues
* higan: replaced nall/stream with nall/vfs for file-loading subsystem
* tomoko: can now load multi-slotted games via command-line
* tomoko: synchronize video removed from UI; still available in the settings file
* tomoko, icarus: can navigate to root drive selection on Windows
* all: major code cleanups and refactoring (~1MB diff against v099)

Download: higan v100 x64
Source: Here


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