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EmuCR: Mame ClassicMame Classic v8.4.0 is released. Mame Classic is the first Windows Front-End for M.A.M.E. to feature independent default settings for raster and vector games! Works with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, & Vista.

Mame Classic Features:
- Independent default options for Raster and Vector games
- Stores favorite games in separate list
- Custom settings for individual games
- Finds ROM changes between M.A.M.E. versions
- MAMEDiff support (requires mamediff.exe)
- Numerous game filters
- NPlayers.ini and Catver.ini support
- Icon support (requires icons to be unzipped in a ICONS folder in your M.A.M.E. directory)
- Game information (requires the history.dat file and/or mameinfo.dat file)
- Alternate directories for each directory in the mame.ini file
- Two ROM directories
- ROM and Sample verify with search for bad sets
- Screen Shots
- Ability to find and delete ROMs which are no longer supported in M.A.M.E.
- Maintenance to your M.A.M.E. directories
- Ability to disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Ctrl-Esc, and the Windows key during game play in Windows 98

Mame Classic v8.4.0 changelog:
– Added : New Vector Post-Processing Option
– Changed : MAME Classic will no longer remove a game from your favorite list if it changes from one version of MAME to the next as long as the machine name hasn’t changed
– Changed : MAME Classic now removes obsolete options in your raster, vector and custom .cfg files if you open and re-save them
– Fixed : Issue saving IntScaleX and IntScaleY values
– Removed : Obsolete Antialias option

Download: Mame Classic v8.4.0
Source: Here

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