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EmuCR:Neko Project IINeko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 25 is released. Neko Project II is a port to the Wii of NP2 (Neko Project II), NEC PC-9801 emulator, programmed by Yui.

Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 25 Changelog:
· Window Accelerator Implements screen display a little seriously (analyzes QEMU code)
· It might be a correction for example city simulation game
· I think that the occurrence of scan width misalignment on the screen will decrease
· Because it may be deteriorated in reverse, please report in that case
· If you move Win 3.1 using WSN - A4F, only the screen of 1024 x 764 64 k colors (interlace) collapses, but those who are not interlaced are properly reflected, so leave it for the time being
· Supports SL9821 disk image once
· Because the format is special, it seems to freeze when using the actual machine IDE BIOS

Download: Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 25

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