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EmuCR:Neko Project IINeko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 26 is released. Neko Project II is a port to the Wii of NP2 (Neko Project II), NEC PC-9801 emulator, programmed by Yui.

Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 26 Changelog:
- Fixed an issue where IDE interrupt timing at writing was wrong
- Fixed a bug that the IDE interrupt delay value does not become the specified value
· BSY bit was not set while IDE interrupt delay was fixed
· Minimum delay value when IDE BIOS is used is deprecated
· The delay value when IDE BIOS is used can be changed manually (provisional)
· IDIWAIT of INI is the minimum delay time (number of clocks) when IDE BIOS is used
· Since there was a bug in the first place before, it may be better to see the state first with the default value
· If you want to manually specify by data corruption preparation, set IDEMWAIT to 0 in INI
· The optimum delay value changes depending on the CPU clock
· Temporarily dealing with problems causing data corruption using the IDE BIOS (even if rev 18 and later are not used)
· When you return the value at 0x0457 in the BIOS data area, it will appear buggy
· It may be fixed the problem of data corruption when accessing the slave
· With IDE BIOS, Win 3.1 / 95 has confirmed that setup is finished, but others can not be confirmed yet
- Fixed a problem that windows rendering became wrong when using WSN - A 4 F in large screen multicolor display environment
· Wallpaper is strange Problem is raised for the time being
· FreeBSD + X Window System + Xe 10 Built-in CL-GD 5430 was made to appear as moderately
· Although I can not do it, I added GA-98NB to the setting (it does not move)
· I learned the software keyboard display state
· Increased choice of clock setting
· You can enter values ​​manually, but it is troublesome

Download: Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 26

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