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EmuCR: pfeMamepfeMame v1.004 is released. pfeMame is a front end for the Multiple Arcade Game Emulator (MAME) written in Python. It is cross platform (tested on Linux - Ubuntu and Windows XP). It also includes a graphical Tile View designed for MAME cabinets which allows control using joystick / gamepad. pfeMame was written by Gareth Finch and started in 2014.

- Customisable game types / categories filter for display
- Graphical image 'tile' view with joystick navigation - for dedicated MAME cabinets
- Cross platform - Linux & windows
- Python source code

pfeMame v1.003 Changelog:
* Redesigned the handling of system files. Initial implementation was a hack that merged the system file in with the rom file name. This was fine except that very long system names made it impossible to see what the file name was. It was also just a major hack to the code and quite ugly. System file names now have their own column. This has made the window a bit wider but its a better implementation method. When you first upgrade to this new version the code will force a database refresh as the cache file format is not compatible.
* Added notification to messages window when game ratings are updated
* Tile View now supports system program file images rather than just displaying the image for the top level system name
* Tile View number of runs is now fixed
* Corrected the way the games in the favourites list are deleted – it didn’t work with systems files
* Updated the manual to provide a caution regarding manual editing of any of the DAT files
* Updated some of the screenshots in the manual
* Miscellaneous minor changes and bug fixes
* Added F5 to refresh the games database
* The systems support preferences option has been changed. The program will now always look for and process systems into the game list, but if system support preference is disabled they will just not be displayed – the systems column will be hidden and the window size will shrink.
* Added a lookup list for game categories that are ‘systems’ - currently this is the only way that I can determine that a rom is for a system without implementing yet another dat file which would slow the game list build substantially. At the moment the lookup list is hard coded but I may later put it as an external file to make it easier to upkeep.
* Some code optimisations to populatelist – I’m doing this to try to speed up the search-as-you-type feature which is now quite slow given all of the fields it is searching through. Each keypress calls the populatelist code so I need to make some improvements
* Added some error trap to the stdout out & err processing. This was necessary due to testing with a pre-release of mame version 0.181 – it was outputting non ascii mapped characters that were throwing a unicode error.
* Fixed a bug in the gametypes.py code. When you selected OK it would hide the window before switching back to the parent. This would cause the parent to hide also meaning you had to select it from the taskbar to bring it back into view.

EmuCR: pfeMame
EmuCR: pfeMame

Download: pfeMame v1.004 x86
Download: pfeMame v1.004 x64
Source: Here

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