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EmuCR: Steem SSESteem SSE v3.9.0 is released. Steem is an emulator for the Atari STE computer created many years ago by Anthony and Russell Hayward. Steem SSE is a new version of Steem based on this release. 'SSE' stands for 'Steven Seagal Edition'. Steven Seagal is a well known Aikido grandmaster, action movie star, musician and playboy.

Steem SSE v3.9.0 Changelog:

v3.9.0 Internal

- Cycle precision system ("events") for all ACIA I/O (6301, MIDI) when
option C1 is checked (it doesn't mean the emulation is 100% accurate).

- Some refactoring and source code simplification.

v3.9.0 Bugfixes

- Remove HD/TOS warning (a 'bad idea' fix).

- No warning for STF/T206, they're compatible.

- Reorganisation of option names in steem.ini (example, there were "Options"
and "Option" sections).
Because of that, first startup may be confusing, but it had to be done
one day.

- If, unlikely as it is, Steem crashes, it will report the exception number
and position in a message box, and then close cleanly if possible.

- Auto select TOS on load snapshot: try to match country.

- Clicks on some DMA sounds (Talk Talk 2).

- Reading Joypads when the program doesn't respect conventions (Substation).

- WD1772: delay on SEEK when DR=TR (Suretrip II STW).

- ACIA transmission on accelerated ST (option C1 for 6301 and MIDI).

- MC68000: some timing corrections (using Yacht table).

- Drive speed in "accurate" mode (Necrosys, Oh No More Froggies).

- Joystick port 0 with option C1 (TNT).

- Screenshot with normal (small) size (D3D build).

- Win64 build: fix some GUI crashes.

- File handle leak when using ArchiveAccess.dll.

- CAPS some drive sounds missing.

- Some crashes on load snapshot (option C2).

- Crash on change R/W when STW/HFE disk inserted.

- Save as Neo: save correct resolution.

- Resetting in medium resolution could cause shifted planes, low resolution

- Fullscreen crisp rendering: trash when switching resolutions

- DefaultSnapshot in ini file interfering with dropping disk image file on Steem

Bug reporting

Bug reporting proved to be chaotic, leading to useless frictions, so now
there are "rules", if they are not followed, the report will be ignored!

- Please only use those two ways to report:
http://www.atari-forum.com/viewforum.php?f=112 (public, you need to be a
donmegacool "at" hotmail.com (private)
- The answer should not be already in provided doc (manual, hints, bugs, FAQ),
so please check it before reporting.
- Always mention the precise version (you should use 3.9.0 anyway).
- The bug report should contain your version of Windows and whether some
virtual machine (VM) is used.
- If it is an emulation bug, the report should contain at least:
* ST model, TOS version and language, RAM size, monochrome/colour
* Disk options IF enabled (ACSI or GEMDOS hard drive, Accurate disk access
times (slow), Read/Write archives, Pasti, Ghost disk, PRG/TOS)
* SSE page options if NOT enabled (Hacks, C1, C2).
You may save yourself the trouble and post the "TRACE.txt" log automatically
generated by Steem SSE (since v3.8.2).
- The bug report should contain a link to the trouble program if available.
- If the bug only happens with some display options, all relevant display
options should be listed.
- The bug should be reproductible, that's why I ask for all this info.

EmuCR: Steem SSE

Download: Steem SSE v3.9.0 x86
Download: Steem SSE v3.9.0 x64
Source: Here

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