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EmuCR: AdvanceMAME AdvanceMAME v3.1 is released. AdvanceMAME is an unofficial MAME version with advanced video support for use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors, and also for PC Monitors. The AdvanceMAME package from now on also contains AdvanceMESS and AdvanceMENU.

* Automatic creation of perfect video modes with the correct size and clock.
* A lot of video boards supported. See the GNU/Linux, DOS and Windows card list.
* Support for 8, 15, 16 and 32 bits video modes.
* Real hardware scanlines.
* Software video image stretching by fractional factors, for example to play vertical games like "Pac-Man" with horizontal Arcade Monitors or TVs.
* Special scale, lq and hq effects to improve the aspect with modern PC Monitors. See Scale2x and hq3x pages for examples.
* Special blit effects to improve the image quality in stretching. See Blit Effetcs for examples.
* Special rgb effects to simulate the aspect of a real Arcade Monitor See Rgb Effetcs for examples.
* Change of the video mode and other video options at runtime. See the Snapshots.
* Support of Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) with a multiple threads architecture in Linux.
* Sound and Video recording in WAV, PNG and .MNG files.
* Multiple mice support in Linux, DOS, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
* Automatic exit after some time of inactivity.
* Scripts capabilities to drive external hardware devices like LCDs and lights.
* Textual configuration files.
* Help screen describing the user input keys.

AdvanceMAME v3.1 Changelog:
* Added support for SDL2. It's the new default in Linux and Windows. This results in better performance and better VSync support when running in a window manager environment like X Window or Windows. It also enables again the RGB effects. The exception is Raspberry where SDL1 still provides better performance in the X Window environment, and it's still the default option.
* More reliable Raspberry video mode setting when using programmable modes. It now uses the Raspberry VideoCore libraries to control better the system.
* More precise VSync syncronization, avoiding any missing frame.
* In MESS fixed the loading of disk image for the TI99-4A system.
* In MAME marked 'retofinv', 'svc', 'prmrsocr' and 'viostorm' as not working to trigger the use of the working clones. Also added the game 'mp_shnb3'.
* Fixed the UI flickering and a potential crash when SMP is active.
* The Linux joystick event and raw interface now support up to 32 button. Before it was only 12.
* If SMP is active, don't automatically disable the resize effect if the game is too slow. This gives a more stable 'auto' effect.
* Changed the 'sync_resample auto' to be 'emulation' instead of 'internal'. This give more stable sound when the game emulation is too slow.
* The 'display_magnify auto' option now takes into account the monitor limits to avoid over scaling.
* Restored the functionality of "-output fullscreen" option. It wasn't able anymore to find video modes.
* Added support running from a SSH shell.
* Removed the 'lq' effect. It was not really used. The 'scale2x' and 'scale2k' are faster and better.
* The RunClone menu now excludes preliminary clones if they are already filtered out in the main list.

Download: AdvanceMAME v3.1
Source: Here

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