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MxUIMxUI v1.0.0 is released. MxUI is a new front-end for command-line MAME. MxUI is a graphical interface intended for MAME which is in the same spirit as MAME+GUI but more modern and fast, it also uses M1 and IPS patches.

MxUI v0.9.5 Changelog:
1. improve export clrmame dat function,and you can check your roms perfectly.
2. add sample column to mame listview, and you can check your samples easily, dont forget to set samplepath in mame.ini.
3. add switch to columns of listview
4. support reading the information dat files from dirctory lang/xxxx/ first, then from the path of dats_dirctory , display them all
5. support PGM2 mame
6. add delete mame ini file function
7. fix the bug of scanning mame state save file
8. optimized code.

1. MxUI directory can be diffrent the mame directory
2. MxUI support localize machine list . you can put the lis.mmo to direcory lang/EN_US/、lang/ZH_CH/、lang/ZH_TW/.
3. MxUI backgroud dirctory name is backgroud/
4. Other dirctory path, You can check the settings
5. MxUI read the dat files from dirctory lang/xxxx/ first, if failed, then from the path of dats_dirctory.
6. M1 player , recommend v0.7.9a1.


Download: MxUI v1.0.0
Source: Here


  1. I hope this interface has a good future because I think that it is doing well. Thanks.

  2. my snapshots dont appear in this ui or VIplay but when i use mame they are there is there something i have to change


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