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EmuCR: MedAdvCFGMedAdvCFG v0.3.2-r34 is released. Mednafen Advanced Configuration Tool. Frontend for Mednafen v0.9.38.x

MedAdvCFG v0.3.2-r34 changelog:
- Added support for Mednafen v0.9.42.0-win64/win32
- Should be verifying MD in both Basic and Advanced Mode now
- Removed hardcoded MD5 for BIOS and Mednafen.
- Now using bios.dat and Mednafen.dat under /dat/
- Fixed 'Path Not Found' error when no bios set and settings are saved/loaded
- Removed CoversDB data from GitHub. Added URLS+Mirrors in CoversDB.txt in respective cover folders
- Various Code Optimizations

Download: MedAdvCFG v0.3.2-r34


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