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EmuCR: higanxSnes v1.0 is released. Derived from higan v094. The idea behind the xSnes fork of higan/bsnes is to preserve and separate the near perfect Super Nintendo portion from the multi-emulator known as higan. This means the emulator cores for the 8-bit Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance have been removed. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators remain intact to accommodate the Super Game Boy. However, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color are not emulated as independent systems as compiled. Therefore, to play Game Boy & Game Boy Color games, you must use the Super Game Boy exclusively as a Super Nintendo Adapter. I agree clean code is very important.Therefore, I have tried to follow byuu's lead. The only code I would find to be outside of this philosophy would be the BS-X code, but I must stress
that code is extremely narrow and only pertains specifically to the BS-X Satellaview.

higan v102r05 Changelog:
Initial Release

Download: xSnes v1.0 x64
Source: Here


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