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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-5293 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #5866 from leoetlino/vc-gameinis
GameINI: Add INIs for Brawl VC games
* GameINI: Add INIs for Brawl VC games
Brawl ships with VC games that have their own ID and are different from
the VC releases.
* Merge pull request #5941 from delroth/wfs
WFS updates
* WFS: Fix logging types.
* WFSI: Implement noop ioctl 0x8f.
* WFSI: Implement GET_VERSION.
This ioctl writes a constant value to the output buffer.
It gets called for cleaning up whenever something goes wrong, and
also when cancelling an update.
* WFSI: Add missing functionality to ImportTitleInit.
* WFSI: Implement internal Cancel{Title,Patch}Import.
* WFSI: Rename 2 ioctls to better reflect their purposes.
(equivalent of ES_ImportTitleInit, also the official name)
(equivalent of ES_ImportTitleCancel)
* WFSI: Fix the TMD size check.
* WFSI: Implement patch install finalization.
* WFSI: Adapt FINALIZE_TITLE_INSTALL for patch support.
* WFSI: More work to support patching: split off current_tid/gid and import_tid/gid
* WFSI: Rename a few ioctl handlers.
* WFSI: Get the patch info from PREPARE_DEVICE.
* WFS: Implement RENAME.
* WFS: Share error codes with WFSI.
* WFSI: Implement install finalization.
* WFSI: Fix install directories creation.
* WFS: Implement CREATE_OPEN along with OPEN.
* WFSI: Create meta/work/save dirs when applying title profile.
* WFS: Implement MKDIR.
* WFS: Add a basic GET_ATTRIBUTES implementation.
* WFSI: Implement both GET_TMD ioctls.
* WFS: Implement CLOSE_2 as a clone of CLOSE.
* Merge pull request #5944 from lioncash/sw
SW NativeVertexFormat: Utilize std::array where applicable
* Clipper: Copy both color sequences in CopyVertex as opposed to one
This is likely an oversight.
* SW NativeVertexFormat: Utilize std::array where applicable
Gets rid of some hardcoded looping bounds, and also simplifies code in
some places, sometimes allowing for removal of a loop altogether.
* Merge pull request #5963 from JMC47/mtmsrfix
Fix JIT64 mtmsr issue after PIE support.
* Fix JIT64 mtmsr - PIE support caused the codesize
to get bigger, breaking an optimization. This forces the emitter to use a
32bit pointer instead of an 8bit one, fixing the issue at the expense of
* Merge pull request #5896 from beholdnec/lint-version-checks
Tools: Check for git and clang-format version 3.8.x in lint.sh
* Tools: Check for git and clang-format version 3.8.* in lint.sh
* Merge pull request #5949 from ligfx/gamelistmodelupdategame
GameListModel: make UpdateGame update existing files as well
* GameListModel: make UpdateGame take a const ref
* GameListModel: make UpdateGame update existing files as well
* Merge pull request #5953 from khg8m3r/OSX
Fixes for OSX hotkey defaults
* Fix OSX hotkey defaults
* Merge pull request #5955 from leoetlino/copy
FileUtil: Simplify File::Copy on non-Windows platforms
* FileUtil: Simplify File::Copy on non-Windows platforms
The old way of doing it is error prone and unnecessarily complex.
* Merge pull request #5960 from ligfx/gamefiledontstorefilepathparts
GameFile: don't store file path parts
* GameFile: don't store file path parts
* GameFile: add missing include for QFileInfo
* Merge pull request #5961 from ligfx/gamefilebanner
GameFile: handle missing banners in UI instead
* GameFile: handle missing banners in UI instead
Currently, GameFile returns a generic banner if the file didn't have one
available (either because the file format doesn't support it, or because
it's a Wii file without an associated save).
It makes more sense to handle the lack of banner in the UI layer. The
game list will use the generic missing banner explicitly (no change from before), and the game info window now omits the banner display entirely if the file didn't have one (since it's not useful to display/allow the user to save the "missing banner" banner).
* Merge pull request #5965 from ligfx/gamefileremovecompany
GameFile: remove unused m_company
* GameFile: remove unused m_company
* Merge pull request #5962 from degasus/arm-fixes
JitArm64: Fix rlwinmx.
* JitArm64: Fix rlwinmx.
Seems like I was wrong that ANDI2R doesn't require a temporary register here.
There is *one* case when the mask won't fit in the ARM AND instruction:
mask = 0xFFFFFFFF
But let's just use MOV instead of AND here for this case...
* Merge pull request #5884 from JosJuice/remove-noncopyable
Remove NonCopyable
* Remove NonCopyable
The class NonCopyable is, like the name says, supposed to disallow
copying. But should it allow moving?
For a long time, NonCopyable used to not allow moving. (It declared
a deleted copy constructor and assigment operator without declaring
a move constructor and assignment operator, making the compiler
implicitly delete the move constructor and assignment operator.)
That's fine if the classes that inherit from NonCopyable don't need
to be movable or if writing the move constructor and assignment
operator by hand is fine, but that's not the case for all classes,
as I discovered when I was working on the DirectoryBlob PR.
Because of that, I decided to make NonCopyable movable in c7602cc,
allowing me to use NonCopyable in DirectoryBlob.h. That was however
an unfortunate decision, because some of the classes that inherit
from NonCopyable have incorrect behavior when moved by default-
generated move constructors and assignment operators, and do not
explicitly delete the move constructors and assignment operators,
relying on NonCopyable being non-movable.
So what can we do about this? There are four solutions that I can
think of:
1. Make NonCopyable non-movable and tell DirectoryBlob to suck it.
2. Keep allowing moving NonCopyable, and expect that classes that
don't support moving will delete the move constructor and
assignment operator manually. Not only is this inconsistent
(having classes disallow copying one way and disallow moving
another way), but deleting the move constructor and assignment
operator manually is too easy to forget compared to how tricky
the resulting problems are.
3. Have one "MovableNonCopyable" and one "NonMovableNonCopyable".
It works, but it feels rather silly...
4. Don't have a NonCopyable class at all. Considering that deleting
the copy constructor and assignment operator only takes two lines
of code, I don't see much of a reason to keep NonCopyable. I
suppose that there was more of a point in having NonCopyable back
in the pre-C++11 days, when it wasn't possible to use "= delete".
I decided to go with the fourth one (like the commit title says).
The implementation of the commit is fairly straight-forward, though
I would like to point out that I skipped adding "= delete" lines
for classes whose only reason for being uncopyable is that they
contain uncopyable classes like File::IOFile and std::unique_ptr,
because the compiler makes such classes uncopyable automatically.
* Revert "DirectoryBlob: Use NonCopyable"
This reverts commit a7a8e467b6f0efd9f6236221a346f221edefd059.
* Merge pull request #5964 from JosJuice/wxstring-ternary
Fix DolphinWX build issue
* Fix DolphinWX build issue
I'm not sure why this hasn't popped up as an error on the buildbots,
but the build fails on my new install of VS2017. The error is C2445:
result type of conditional expression is ambiguous: types 'wxString'
and 'const char [1]' can be converted to multiple common types

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-5293 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-5293 Android
Source: HereDolphin Git 5.0-2877

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