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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Memory Engine v0.2 Beta is released. A RAM search specifically made to search, track, and edit the emulated memory of the Dolphin emulator at runtime. The primary goal is to make research, tool-assisted speedruns, and reverse engineering of GameCube & Wii games more convenient and easier than with the alternative solution, Cheat Engine. Its name is derived from Cheat Engine to symbolize that.

Dolphin Memory Engine Changelog
This release's main feature is the addition of a memory viewer. This memory viewer continuously reads the memory in both hex bytes and ASCII text. Changes are highlighted by a red fade just like CE. Keyboard navigation is supported as well as a scrollbar. Alternatively, you can jump to any address by entering it in the appropriate text input. MEM2 is supported if it is enabled, but both memory region are in different views. Real time editing works too, just select a byte by clicking and type the new hex. Lastly, it gracefully handles unhooking, if the memory is unreadable due to unhooking, the viewer will report ?? instead of valid memory.

This is integrated with the watcher so when using the right click menu, there's a new option to open the viewer at the address of the watch.

NOTE: From now on, 250MB of free memory is recommended when using the program AT ALL TIME, with the introduction of a global memory cache, it can take as much at all time when MEM2 is enabled, much less if MEM2 is disabled.

Full changelog of this release:
Improve the documentation spelling and grammar (thanks @Ikaheishi )
Fis a crash when attempting to edit a value while editing another, it now displays an error message since you cannot enter an empty value.
Fix the right click menu on the watch entries, the right click menu should work and not cause crashes anymore.
Add a global memory cache which the scanner and the viewer uses. This is just a faster path for mass reads, the watcher is unaffected as it only does small reads.
Add a memory viewer, see above for the details.

Download: Dolphin Memory Engine v0.2 Beta

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