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Lunar SNES v1.01 is released. Lunar SNES is an emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It's a Windows 7 program with an easy to use interface. Rather than relying on complicated external mappings, Lunar SNES instead detects all it needs to from ROM images, because this information is always accurate ^^. This means you can just load your games and play them right away. No foltainers! No BIOSes! Featuring high-level emulation of DSP chips by Alcaro and Twinaphex, Lunar SNES's compatibility is exactly the same as traditional emulators such as ZSNES. In addition, there is no Manifest Viewer. Unless you type “Chelsea” on the main window.

Lunar SNES v1.01 changelog:
-Added headerless ROM support. It was supported all along, just
deliberately disabled for April Fools.
-Replaced the high-level DSP emulation with low-level emulation.

Download: Lunar SNES v1.01

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