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MAMEMAME v0.198 is released. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

What's news in MAME:


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04539: [Misc.] (stv.cpp) dnmtdeka, diehard: Illegal Sprite Mode - Contact MAMEDEV (Angelo Salese)
- 05484: [Crash/Freeze] (jpmsys5sw.cpp) Various jpmsys5sw.c sets: [debug] Assert in Debug (Vas Crabb)
- 06543: [Crash/Freeze] (segapico.cpp) All sets in segapico.cpp: [debug] Assert when starting emulation (Vas Crabb)
- 06934: [Color/Palette] (x1.cpp) x1turbo40: Colors missing in all X1 Turbo (CZ-862C) software (Vas Crabb)
- 06948: [Media Support] (ptcsol.cpp) sol20 [basic5]: Program does not start after loading (Robbbert)
- 06954: [Core] (coco3.cpp) coco3dw1: Emulated system crashes when trying to access floppy disk image (David Ladd)
- 06958: [Crash/Freeze] (attache.cpp) Fatal error: No screen specified for device ':crtc', but multiple screens found
(Ivan Vangelista)
- 06960: [Crash/Freeze] (qtsbc.cpp) qtsbc: Exception when using certain -rs232 slot options (AJR)
- 06962: [Crash/Freeze] (atlantis.cpp) Fatal error: No screen specified for device ':zeus2', but multiple screens found
(Ivan Vangelista)
- 06963: [Crash/Freeze] (ms6102.cpp) Fatal error: No screen specified for device ':i8275_1', but multiple screens found
(Ivan Vangelista)
- 06964: [Crash/Freeze] (apollo.cpp) dsp3000, dsp3500, dsp5500: Exception when using most -rs232 options (Vas Crabb)
- 06966: [DIP/Input] (missile.cpp) missile: DIP switch “Trackball Size” label reversed and R8 dip switch graphic inverted (Tafoid)
- 06971: [Graphics] (1945kiii.cpp) 1945kiiio, 1945kiiin, 1945kiii: Enemy damage flashes missing (AJR)
- 06982: [Gameplay] (coco12.cpp) Other Coco related drivers: 1bit audio DAC issue (AJR)

New working machines
Batman: The Animated Series (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Dragon MSX-64 (MSX1) [David F.Gisbert aka Tromax, AUIC, Robcfg]
Fidelity Elegance Chess Challenger [hap, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (original program, English) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu EX '98 (GC811 VER. JAA)
[Charles MacDonald, Candy Wolff, Henrique Areias Pontes, Sean Sutton, Surgeville, Dane Biegert, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, smf]
Keirin Ou [Michael Moffitt, Eric Diem, Angelo Salese, The Dumping Union]
Operation: Aliens (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Scorpio 68000 [hap, yoyo_chessboard]
Tom Tom Magic
[Jeffrey Gray, ranger_lennier, Evan Korzon, Dane Biegert, MrGoodwraith, Charles MacDonald, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Wayne's World (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
World Adventure [ArcadeHacker, The Dumping Union]
X-Men (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

New working clones
Battle Balls (Germany, earlier) [Fabrice Arzeno, The Dumping Union]
Centipede (Japan, revision 3)
[ShouTime, Javier Vidal Mata, Sean Sutton, Candy Wolff, Evan Korzon, Surgeville, Dane Biegert, Charles MacDonald, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]
Donkey Kong Junior (US, bootleg?) [unknown]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (Budapest program, English) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (Budapest program, French) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (Budapest program, German) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (Budapest program, Spanish) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (original program, French) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (original program, German) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Fidelity Prestige Challenger (original program, Spanish) [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Final Fight (Japan 900405) [bonky0013, Manimani, The Dumping Union]
Grand Champion (set 3) [Malcor, MASH]
Karate Blazers (World, Tecmo license) [caius, The Dumping Union]
Last Mission (World revision 8) [caius, The Dumping Union]
Marvel Super Heroes (Brazil 951024) [SHVB, The Dumping Union]
Naughty Boy (bootleg, set 2) [f205v, Matteo]
Pit Boss Superstar III 30 (9233-00-06, California version) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Real Puncher (Japan, v2.12J)
[ShouTime, Javier Vidal Mata, Sean Sutton, Candy Wolff, Evan Korzon, Surgeville, Dane Biegert, Charles MacDonald, Smitdogg,
The Dumping Union]
Sengoku 3 / Sengoku Densho 2001 (set 2) [Razoola]
Spy Hunter (Spain, Recreativos Franco S.A., Bally Midway license) [Carlos Matos Lara, Recreativas.org]
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (bootleg with level selection) [hammy, The Dumping Union]
Tandy Color Computer (Extended BASIC 1.0; HD6309) [David Ladd]
Tandy Color Computer (HD6309) [David Ladd]
Tandy Color Computer 2 (HD6309) [David Ladd]
Tandy Color Computer 2B (HD6309) [David Ladd]
Tapper (Budweiser, 1/27/84 - Alternate graphics) [Brian Troha]
The King of Dragons (World 910731) [Sergio Galiano, Recre_Piscis, Spain]
The Rocketeer (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Trophy Hunting - Bear & Moose V1.0 (location test) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
V-Liner (v0.53) [Razoola]
V-Liner (v0.7a) [Razoola]
V-Liner (v0.7e) [Razoola]
World Heroes 2 (ALH-006) [Razoola]
World Soccer Finals (rev 4) [Kevin Eshbach, The Dumping Union]

Machines promoted to working
Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Japan) (GDL-0004)
[Samuele Zannoli, R. Belmont, ElSemi, David Haywood, Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert, MetalliC]
Cleopatra Fortune Plus (GDL-0012) [Samuele Zannoli, R. Belmont, ElSemi, David Haywood, Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert, MetalliC]
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. (new wide screen) [Sean Riddle]
Genius 6 (V110F) [Luca Elia, Fabrice Arzeno, The Dumping Union]
TI-99/2 BASIC Computer (24 KiB ROM) [Michael Zapf]
TI-99/2 BASIC Computer (32 KiB ROM) [Michael Zapf]
unknown Sidam poker [AJR]

Clones promoted to working
Coco Loco (set 3) [Roberto Fresca, Roberto Cervera, Recreativas.org]
IQ Block (V113FR, gambling) [Luca Elia, Guru, Dyq, Bnathan]
BBC Master 512 [Nigel Barnes]
Shuzi Leyuan (V127M, gambling) [Luca Elia, Guru, Dyq, Bnathan]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Air Hockey (6.03, encrypted) [AJR]
Donkey Kong Banana Kingdom (host) [Darksoft, Bill D, The Dumping Union]
Fonz [TTL] [Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union]
HP Integral Personal Computer 9808A [shattered]
InterPro 6000 [Patrick Mackinlay]
InterPro 6400 [Patrick Mackinlay]
InterPro 6700 [Patrick Mackinlay]
InterPro 6800 [Patrick Mackinlay]
Kenshin Dragon Quest: Yomigaerishi Densetsu no Ken [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen]
LD Quiz dai 4-dan - Kotaetamon Gachi! (Japan) [italiandoh]
Motogonki [IgorR76]
Multi Game V (AMGHU_V83.65) [Roberto Fresca, Pycur]
Pop'n Run - The Videogame (set 1) [Antonio Rodriguez, Recreativas.org, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Sharpshooter (coin pusher) [Joe Magiera]
The King of Fighters - Road to Revenge / The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match [Peter Wilhelmsen, brizzo]
unknown Ace System 1 game [Joe Magiera, The Dumping Union]
War Mission (WM 4/6/87) [Jordi Beltrán Casany, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Autocue 1500 [Mikko Heinonen]
Batman (1.03 France) [PinMAME]
Bow & Arrow (Prototype, rev. 22) [PinMAME]
Grand Champion (set 2) [Malcor, MASH]
Micronics M55Hi-Plus [Samuele Zannoli]
NEC PC-9801VM [Fujix]
Poly 1 Educational Computer (early) [Nigel Barnes, Andrew Trotman]
Poly 2 Learning System [Nigel Barnes, Andrew Trotman]
Poly Development System [Nigel Barnes, Andrew Trotman]
Pop'n Run - The Videogame (set 2) [Antonio Rodriguez, Recreativas.org, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Strider 2 (Euro 991213) [Nomax, Corrado Tomaselli, f205v, The Dumping Union]

New working software list additions
abc80_flop: ABCBook [Five Finger Punch]
abc800: ABC832 Systemskiva v2.5 (Swe) [unknown]
3D Art Graphics, 3D Star Fire, 3D-Docking, A Beginner's Guide to Game Prgrams and Number Programs (Tape 2),
A Beginner's Guide to Game Programs (Tape 3), Ack-Ack, Adventure 0 - Special Sampler, Adventure 1 - Adventure Land,
Adventure 3 - Mission Impossible, Adventure 4 - Voodoo Castle, Air Traffic Controller, Andromeda Conquest, Apple Casino,
Apple Derby, Apple ][ Organ, Applesoft Utility Programs, Assembler, B-1 Nuclear Bomber, Baseball, Battlestar I,
Beneath Apple Manor, Black Jack / Slot Machine, Bomber, Bowling / Trilogy, Bridge Challenger, Canter Downs, Complex Mathematics,
Computer Acquire, Computer Acquire (original), Conflict 2500, Craps / Bright Pen Craps, Crazy Climber, Crazy Eights, Cubik,
Depth Charge, Disk-O-Tape, Dnieper River Line, Don't Fall, Don't Fall! / Memory Aide, DUNJONQUEST- Datestones of Ryn,
DUNJONQUEST- Morloc's Tower, Echo, Electronic Index-Card File, Enchanted Island, Engineering Mathematics - 1, Escape!, Fastgammon,
Financial Wizard 2, Financial Wizard 3, Financial Wizard 4, Football Predictions, Forte / Forte Music, Funpak I, Galaxian, Galaxy,
Galaxy Travel, Gammon Gambler, Global War, Grading Routine / Drawing, Guns of Fort Defiance, Haunted House,
Highres Graphic Printer, Highres Playground, Hires Boxing, House of Seven Gables / Journey to the Center of the Earth, I Got Mine,
Journey to Atlantis, Jupiter Express, Kaleidoscope, Kidstuff, Laserblast, Learning BASIC, Pt. 1 & 2, Learning BASIC, Pt. 3,
Lunar Lander, Lunar Lander II, Magic Squares, Match Wits, Maze Game, Memory Builder, Memory Check, Micro Invaders, Microchess 2.0,
Microgammon 1.0, microtrivia, Midway Campaign, Missile Command v1.2, Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, Module 5, Module 6,
Module 7, Module 8, Moto-Cross, Music Box and Kaleidoscope, Music Kaleidoscope, North Atlantic Convoy Raider, Oil Tycoon, Othello,
Othello for Apple v2.1, Peg Jump, Phasor Zap, Pinball / Infinite Number of Monkeys, Pirates!, Planet Miners, Planetoids,
Preschool IQ-Builder, Quiz Baseball, RAM Test, Racer, Radar Interceptor, Raster Blaster, Renju, Retreat,
Revive - A Utility Program for the Apple, Road Race / Saucer War, Rocket Pilot, Roulette,
Sahara Warriors Commando / French Foreign Legion, Sargon I, Sargon II, Saucer Invasion, Softside August 1981,
Softside December 1981, Softside January 1982, Softside July 1981, Softside July 1982, Softside July 1982 Computers in Education,
Softside June 1981, Softside Mar 1981, Softside May 1981, Softside May 1982, Softside October 1981, Softside September 1981,
Songs in the Key of Apple, Space Maze, Space War, Speedway, Spider Tag, Star Blazer, Star Wars, STARQUEST Rescue at Rigel,
Statistics, Stocks & Bonds, Story Builder, Study Aide, Study Aide / Keyboard Organ, Super Arithmetica, Super Invader,
Super Math / True/False Quiz, Super Othello, Super Starwars, SuperMath, Tank War, Tanktics, The Bomber, The Patient Professor 16K,
The Patient Professor 24K, The Talking Calculator, Tic-Tac-Talker / Spectrum Analysis, Time Clock, Typing Tutor, U-Draw,
Variable Message / Matching Quiz, Voyager I, Warlords [Dagarman]
bbcm_cart: VideoROM: Videodisc Player Control Software [Michael Sadler]
fmtowns_cd: Mega Lo Mania [DamienD, Tokugawa Corporate Forums]
ibm5150: Gunship, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (3.5"), Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (5.25") [ArcadeShadow]
ibm5170: Curse of Enchantia, Descent, Gunship 2000 [ArcadeShadow]
neogeo: Sengoku 3 / Sengoku Densho 2001 (set 2), World Heroes 2 (ALH-006) [Razoola]
pc98_cd: Windows NT 4.0 Server [WinWorld]
Arithmetic Practise, Racetrack, Shape Maker, Sightspell, Spelling, Star Wars, Stomper, Submarine Hunt,
The Sorcerers Fruit Machine, Yahtzee, ZETU v1.2 Editor Assembler [Robbbert]
vic10: MultiMAX [Curt Coder]

Software list items promoted to working
Magical Squadron, Ms. Detective File #1 - Iwami Ginzan Satsujin Jiken, Ms. Detective File #2 - Sugata-naki Irainin,
NEC Driver Kit for Windows 95, Policenauts, Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1 - Invitation - Kage kara no Shoutaijou,
Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2 - Memories, Psychic Detective Series Vol. 3 - Aya, Ryouki no Ori Dai-2-Shou,
Schwarzschild GX - Sabita Sousei, Sensual Angels, Shamhat - The Holy Circlet, Tanjou - Debut, Windows 95 (OSR2, v4.00.950 B),
Windows 95 (Retail, v4.00.950) [Carl, r09]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
apple2_cass: Sweet Talker [Dagarman]
DreamOn Volume 10 (Fra), Dreamcast Promotion Disk (Jpn), Eldorado Gate Dai-7-kan (Jpn), Erde: Nezu no Ki no Shita de (Jpn),
Es (Jpn), Ever 17: The Out of Infinity (Jpn), Fire Pro Wrestling D (Jpn), First Kiss Story II: Anata ga Iru kara (Jpn),
First Kiss Story II: Anata ga Iru kara - Tokubetsu Genteiban (Jpn), Fragrance Tale (Jpn), Godzilla Generations (Jpn),
Golem no Maigo (Jpn), Golf Shiyou yo (Jpn, Rev. 2), Grauen no Torikago Kapitel 1: Keiyaku (Jpn),
Grauen no Torikago Kapitel 2: Torikago (Jpn), Grauen no Torikago Kapitel 3: Kansei (Jpn),
Grauen no Torikago Kapitel 4: Kaikou (Jpn), Happy Breeding (Jpn), Heavy Metal: Geomatrix (Jpn), Heisei Mahjong-sou (Jpn),
Himitsu: Yui ga Ita Natsu (Jpn), KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (Euro), KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (USA),
Kaitou Apricot (Jpn), Kao the Kangaroo (Demo) (World), Kao the Kangaroo (Euro), Kao the Kangaroo (USA), Karous (Jpn),
Kidou Senshi Gundam Gaiden: Colony no Ochita Chi de... - Tokubetsuban (Jpn), Kidou Senshi Gundam: Renpou vs. Zeon & DX (Jpn),
Kitahei Gold (Jpn), Kiteretsu Boy's Gangagan (Jpn), Konohana 2: Todokanai Requiem (Jpn), Konohana: True Report (Jpn),
Kuon no Kizuna: Sairinshou (Jpn, Rev. 1) [FakeShemp]
pc98_cd: Windows NT 3.51 Workstation, Windows NT 3.51 Workstation (Checked Build) [WinWorld]

Translations added or modified
Chinese (Simplified) [YuiFAN]
Chinese (Traditional) [YuiFAN]
Dutch [Jos van Mourik]
German [RafTacker]
Greek [BraiNKilleRGR]
Japanese [Katsuhiko Kagami]
Korean [Neius]
Portuguese (Brazil) [Wellington Uemura]
Spanish [A. Viloria]

Source Changes
-Separated MS7002 keyboard emulation from VT100 keyboard, changed to Cyrillic key names and JCUKEN layout. [AJR]

-msm58321: Corrected duty cycle for busy output. [AJR]

-duet16, fmtowns: Fixed RTC busy signal handling. [AJR]

-mcs51: Added more interrupt and timer registers to debug state. [AJR]

-asteroid: Swapped start LEDs and suppressed logging for many spurious writes [AJR]

-asteroid, astdelux: Added cocktail configuration that flips screen for second player. [AJR]

-cit101: Somewhat major improvements: [AJR]
* Added high-level emulation of serial keyboard.
* Implemented double-height, double-width, boldface, and blinking/half intensity attributes.
* Implemented adjustable start-of-screen pointer (necessary for SET-UP mode).
* Implemented screen reconfiguration for 80/132-column and 50/60 Hz modes.

-ppu2c0x family: Made palette internal to device. [AJR]

-z80ctc: Disabling a channel interrupt also turns it off. [AJR]

-Made “Keypad ,” and “Keypad =” standard keys. [AJR]

-Made debugger dump command work with unaligned addresses. [AJR]

-vectrex: Fixed probable bug with lightpen-triggered interrupt. [AJR]

-sidampkr: Made the cards appear. [AJR]

-1945kiii: Add sprite color flashes (MT06971), reduced palette size, and fixed OKIM6295 reads. [AJR]

-i8275: Blank top and bottom row lines when underline is greater than 7. [AJR]

-tomagic: Added sound system and inputs. [AJR, David Haywood]

-exidy440.cpp, vertigo.cpp: Improved encapsulation of audio device. [AJR]

-legionna.cpp: Kludged a few weird Godzilla collision checks. [Angelo Salese]

-nb1412m2.cpp: Improved sound capabilities and added DAC sound to Mighty Guy. [Angelo Salese]

-stvvdp1.cpp: Fixed transparent sprite shadows, and disabled transmask for mode 2 sprites. [Angelo Salese]

-stvvdp2.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
* Disabled ROZ optimization in modes 2 and 3 (fixes Bulk Slash and Death Crimson ROZ layer bugs).
* Added support for line windows and vertical cell scroll.
* Added support for undocumented rotation parameter read mirroring.
* Don’t repeat ROZ when screen over process is equal to 1 (fixes D-Xhird practice stage).
* Fixed potential bug with window Y sizes when double density interlace is enabled.

-sub.cpp: Added flip screen support for Submarine (Sigma). [Angelo Salese]

-ltcasino.cpp: Added preliminary palette implementation. [Angelo Salese]

-blmbycar.cpp: Added optical and potentiometer wheel inputs. [Angelo Salese]

-f1gp.cpp: Added some undocumented DIP switches, and 4-way joystick inputs. [Angelo Salese]

-dc-ctrl.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
* Added preliminary keyboard support, hooked up to The Typing of the Dead, La Keyboard, and Lupin 3: the Typing on Naomi.
* Fixed Dreamcast controller ID values, making it possible to suppress VMU not found errors in Dreamcast games.

-pc9801.cpp updates:
* Fix sound ROM mapping, and fixed sound board initialization for Eikan wa Kimi ni 2. [Angelo Salese]
* Improved and reorganized -26 and -86 sound card ROM read-backs. [Angelo Salese, Takahiro Nogi]
* Added SpeakBoard sound card emulation. [Angelo Salese, Takahiro Nogi]

-tatsumi.cpp improvements: [Angelo Salese]
* Added preliminary row/column scroll enable for tilemaps (fixes background scrolling and foreground text in Cycle Warriors).
* Improved road colors in Cycle Warriors.

-amstrad: Allow loading CPR cartridges with odd numbers of blocks. [Barry Rodewald]

-Added VS Systems LBA Enhancer ISA card – adds PC BIOS extensions for 28-bit LBA support. [Bavarese]

-aica.cpp: Changed register names to match development manual, documented unimplemented registers, and flagged imperfect features.

-c6280.cpp: Implemented LFO and added notes. [cam900]

-gunpey.cpp: Reduced code duplication, and deferred VRAM allocation to start time. [cam900]

-renegade.cpp: Fixed bit manipulations. [cam900]

-seibuspi: Fixed typo and added notes. [cam900]

-fmtowns.cpp: Implemented stereo output, fixed PCM output level, and reduced code duplication. [cam900]

-rohga.cpp: Fixed background color of title screen in wolffang. [cam900]

-jaguar.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
* Moved CoJag ROM board mapping to derived address maps, and moved banking configuration to machine start.
* Reduced runtime tag lookups.

-fuukifg2.cpp: Updated notes and cleaned up a little. [cam900]

-m90.cpp: Reduced code duplication, added user_data for tilemap RAM base, reduced runtime tag lookups, and updated notes. [cam900]

-dooyong.cpp: Cleaned up a little, and added input merger device for YM2203 interrupt handler. [cam900]

-m72.cpp: Simplified graphics decode layouts. [cam900]

-drgnmst.cpp: Changed to mono sound output – neither chip nor PCB supports stereo. [cam900]

-argus.cpp: Fixed argus sound writes (only one YM2203), reduced code duplication, and reduced runtime tag lookups. [cam900]

-pgm.cpp, pgm2.cpp: Corrected metadata so it matches title screens, transliterated Chinese names, and updated comments. [cam900]

-sandscrp.cpp, puckpkmn.cpp: Transliterated Chinese titles. [cam900]

-rf5c68.cpp: Converted to device_memory_interface and added save state support. [cam900]

-megacd.cpp, segas18.cpp, segas32.cpp, system16.cpp: Reduced duplication, fixed bit manipulation, and reduced runtime tag lookups.

-nmk16.cpp: Fixed tdragon2 banking, transliterated Chinese titles, simplified graphics decode layouts, and fixed spacing. [cam900]

-highvdeo.cpp improvements: [cam900]
* Split machine configuration and address maps for each game.
* Reduced code duplication, cleaned up drawing code, cleaned up ROM loading, and removed redundant code.
* Added pre-calculated color for games using RGB565.

-funkyjet.cpp: Fixed company metadata for funkyjet and clones. [cam900]

-simpl156.cpp: Changed company metadata to match title screens. [cam900]

-topspeed.cpp: Cleaned up and used arrays to reduce code duplication. [cam900]

-romload.h: Added macros for byte-wide ROMs on a 64-bit bus. [cam900]

-Allowed internal register read-back on DECO HuC6280/YM2151 sound system. [cam900]

-Reduced code duplication and changed to more meaningful tags in many Data East drivers. [cam900]

-deco32.cpp: Moved dragngun*/lockload* m_sprgenzoom into dragngun_state and removed redundant code. [cam900]

-argus, bigfight: Added links to reference videos in comments. [cam900]

-tatsumi.cpp: Reduced runtime tag lookups, used more meaningful tags, and reduced code duplication. [cam900]

-taitogn.cpp: Reduced code duplication. [cam900]

-cbuster.cpp: Simplified tile banking. [cam900]

-toaplan2.cpp, gp9001.cpp: Reduced duplicated and redundant code, reduced runtime tag lookups, and updated notes. [cam900]

-leland.cpp improvements and modernisation: [cam900, Vas Crabb]
* Cleaned up duplicated code, reduced runtime tag lookups.
* Split out ataxx/wsf/indyheat/brutforc/asylum into separate state class.
* Converted background to tilemap and restricted drawing to clip rectangle.

-abc806: Fixed memory banking allowing CP/M to boot. [Curt Coder]

-Sort save state items in alphabetical order in the memory viewer source list. [Curt Coder, Vas Crabb]

-rad_eu3a14: Improved rendering for rad_foot by making more correct use of sprite registers/bits. [David Haywood]

-Started looking at the extra opcodes in the SSD 2000 type XaviX chip. [David Haywood]

-coolridr.cpp, model2.cpp, model3.cpp: Converted Sega 315-5649 to device. [Dirk Best]

-model1io: Improved interface, and added drive board read/write callbacks. [Dirk Best]

-model2: Fixed input issue with srallyc. [Dirk Best]

-floppy: Initialize created floppy images the same way as loaded images. [Dirk Best]

-315_5338a: Cleaned up and improved code, and renamed ports to match other Sega I/O devices. [Dirk Best]

-v60: Fixed disassembly of branch opcodes (displacement is signed). [Dirk Best]

-tmpz84c015: Added missing callback for CTC zc3, and removed rxtxcb_w. [Dirk Best]

-model1: Emulated I/O boards used by Wing War, Netmerc, and Virtua Cop. [Dirk Best]
* Supports serial ports, watchdog, and diagnostic display (in addition to I/O).

-hp_ipc: Added HPIB interface chip and remotizer device. [F.Ulivi]

-tms9914 updates: [F.Ulivi]
* Improved emulation – HPIB test of IPC diagb ROM now passes.
* Added methods to read ACCRQ and CONT output lines.
* Added RL state machine and other fixes – now passes HP9000/340 POST.
* Fixed handling of GTS aux command.

-remote488: Added “checkpoint” command that performs a synchronous out-of-band echo request. [F.Ulivi]

-Output module changes: [headkaze, R. Belmont]
* Cleaned up network provider protocol.
* Added pause and savestate commands to both network and win32 providers.

-markham.cpp: Modernised and merged with strnskil.cpp. [kazblox]
* Added coin counters and added coinage DIP switch settings for markham, strnskil, banbam and clones.
* Added raw screen parameters based of 20 MHz clock on strnskil PCB.

-citycon.cpp, ikki.cpp: Added raw screen parameters. [kazblox]

-sega8_slot.cpp: Added check for Lode Runner SG-1000/SC-3000 ROM image. [Kalevi Kolttonen]

-igs017.cpp: Emulated the protection in iqblocka, iqblockf, and genius6. [Luca Elia]

-tutor: Turned off auto wait states – fixes cassette loading. [Michael Zapf]

-tms9995: Fixed latching of pulsed interrupts. [Michael Zapf]

-ti99: Fixed disk creation via OSD. [Michael Zapf]

-hexbus: Added connectors to HX5102, allowing a second drive to be attached to the controller in the case. [Michael Zapf]

-ti99_2: Added new/verified ROM dumps, and re-implemented driver. [Michael Zapf]

-ti99_8: Inverted track count bits, and added DIP switches. [Michael Zapf]

-gunpey: Emulated AG-1 sprite decompression algorithm. [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard]

-bbc: Added various pointer devices on userport: [Nigel Barnes]
* AMX Mouse, Acorn Master 512 Mouse, Marconi RB2 Tracker Ball.

-bbcm512: Added mouse, and promoted to working. [Nigel Barnes]

-bbcmaiv: Added tracker ball. [Nigel Barnes]

-bbc: Added Beeb Speech Synthesiser device. [Nigel Barnes]

-poly.cpp: Use original encrypted ROMs, and decrypt. [Nigel Barnes]
* Implemented banking and system/user mode switching.
* Added PolyBASIC 3.0, 3.1, and 3.4.

-apple2: Added support for WOZ image format. [O. Galibert]

-emumem: Renamed direct_read_handler to memory_access_cache. [O. Galibert]
* Now templated on more information (data width, endianness) and capable of oversize/unaligned accesses.

-debugger: Simplified now-obsolete and buggy memory access code. [O. Galibert]

-cubeqst: Fixed cache endianness. [O. Galibert]

-sound: Don’t try to generate a negative number of samples if stream->update() goes back in time. [O. Galibert]

-floppy: Increased robustness and improved bitstream handling. [John Keoni Morris, Peter Ferrie, O. Galibert]

-Added Brooktree Bt45x RAMDAC devices – Bt457 and Bt458 are used by InterPro graphics boards. [Patrick Mackinlay]

-tms32031: Added tms320c30 variant and basic hold/holda support. [Patrick Mackinlay]

-Moved Z80 daisy-chain mixin from src/devices/cpu/z80 to src/devices/machine. [Patrick Mackinlay]

-interpro: Added low-level keyboard emulation (key mapping is incomplete). [Patrick Mackinlay]

-interpro: Slowed down CPU – fixes graphical glitches and keyboard detection. [Patrick Mackinlay]

-apple2: Recognize another form of DOS 3.3 image in ProDOS order. [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]

-Apple II: Added 13-sector version of Disk II controller. [R. Belmont]

-Added SoftFloat release 3E to 3rdparty. [R. Belmont]

-sh4drc: Added UML implementations of FLDI0, FLDI1, FCMP_EQ, FCMP_GT, FSTS, FLOAT, FTRC, FNEG, FABS, FSCHG, and FRCHG. [R. Belmont]

-neogeo: Added UniBios 3.3. [Robbbert]

-apexc: Fixed regression/crash introduced on 2018-02-12. [Robbbert]

-indy_indigo2: Cleaned up code, converted HAL2 and HPC3 to devices, and moved HAL2, HPC3, and IOC2 devices to separate source files.
[Ryan Holtz]

-vp415: Added proper dumps of Module S and Module W MCUs, which have identical programs. [Ryan Holtz, Simon Inns]

-adc0808: Reduced CPU overhead with smarter timer usage. [Ryan Holtz]

-Removed name mangling functions from driver initialisation methods, and renamed init_0 to empty_init. [Ryan Holtz]

-atpci.cpp: Move m55hi-plus motherboard stuff to a new machine called m55hipl. [Samuele Zannoli]

-hp_ipc: Added diagnostic ROMs and model 9808A (prototype of desktop version). [shattered]

-i8255: Improved read-back of port C high output latches when port A is in mode 1. [hap, shattered]

-pk8020: Hooked up interrupt sources. [shattered]

-popeye.cpp improvements: [smf]
* Adjusted Popeye and Sky Skipper layer positions to match tests on real hardware.
* Added preliminary emulation of corruption on Popeye bootleg logo.

-hp9k_3xx improvements: [Sven Schnelle]
* Added internal TMS9914 GPIB, clocked at 5MHz.
* Added HP 46021A (ITF) HIL keyboard, and changed h9k_3xx to use this device.
* Added “topcat” ASIC used on HP900/300 graphics cards, and hooked up to HP98544.
* Fixed PTM6840 hookup – clock 2 is driven by output of timer 1.

-HP IPC keyboard: fixed ID byte returned for IDD command, and changed logging to use logmacro.h. [Sven Schnelle]

-gime.cpp: Fixed handling of number of scan lines for legacy VDG/SAM modes on CoCo 3. [David Ladd, Tim Lindner]

-Initial work on next-generation machine configuration syntax: [Vas Crabb]
* Made concrete device types callable and added support for device class constructor overloads.
* Made machine_config aware of current device being configured and made finder/callback target tags apply relative to it.
* Allowed devcb to be bound to a device/mix-in or the target of an object finder.
* Allowed device finders to be used in place of literal tags in many places in machine configuration.
* Replaced many MCFG_ macros with overloaded device constructors and removed many macros that provide limited value.
* Removed implicit name mangling from macros for slot options, discrete sound descriptors, and graphics decode descriptors.

-Further improvements to NeoGeo experience: [Vas Crabb]
* Moved arcade start buttons to controllers and allowed AES joystick to be selected on systems with D-sub connectors.
* Changed kizuna4p and irrmaze to use a configuration more like MV-1B/MV-1C as earlier models lack support for SIT/FTC1B.
* Made fixed software using mahjong panel default to Japan BIOS as European BIOS only supports joysticks in service mode.
* Changed mahretsu to use JAMMA joystick panel as it doesn’t support mahjong panel in MVS mode.
* Allowed controls to be changed for MVS mahjong games (BIOS and bakatono support joysticks).
* Gave the single-slot JAMMA variants parent/clone relationships.

-Removed assert macro replacement as it can’t be used in destructors of classes that are literal types. [Vas Crabb]

-Fixed incorrect device class for PCI APIC. [Vas Crabb]

-Made slot device options menu localisable. [Vas Crabb]

-ef9340/1: Made character set external an external ROM. [Wilbert Pol]

-Completely eliminated deprecated indexed output functions. [Wilbert Pol, Ryan Holtz, Robbbert, Dirk Best, cam900, AJR]

-galaxian.cpp: Updated ROM labels for froggers1. [Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union]

-alien.cpp: Re-dumped pingu CompactFlash card (sadly the source CompactFlash card is bad/corrupt). [Bill D]

-ltcasino.cpp: Added PCB layout for Mini Vegas. [Brian Troha]

-vamphalf.cpp: Redumped the graphics PORMs for Lup Lup Puzzle v1.05 from a second PCB. [Brian Troha, caius, The Dumping Union]

-vamphalf.cpp: Added PCB layout for Boong-Ga Boong-Ga (Spank'em!). [Brian Troha]

-hshavoc.cpp: Decapped and dumped PIC microcontroller. [Caps0ff]

-gaelco2.cpp: Verified Dallas clock for World Rally 2. [Corrado Tomaselli]

-gaelco2.cpp: Verified MCU clock for Touch & Go. [f205v]

-holeland.cpp: Documented PALs for crzrallyg. [f205v]

-splash.cpp: Documented some undumped PLDs. [f205v]

-funworld.cpp, kingdrby.cpp: Identified some protected PAL dumps and marked them as bad. [f205v]

-esd16.cpp: Verified different sound sample ROM for Multi Champ DX was bit-rot. [f205v, The Dumping Union]

-pc9801.cpp: Dumped kanji ROMs for PC9801VM. [Fujix, hiromasha]

-bionicc.cpp: Corrected MCU label for the original sets. [Guru]

-chasehq, topspeed: Dumped motor CPU ROM and added detailed hardware description for chasehq. [Guru]

-irrmaze: Improved internal artwork layout. [Jos van Mourik]

-exidy.cpp: Added PROMs for venture. [Kevin Eshbach, The Dumping Union]

-Updated hiscore.dat for recent changes. [Leezer]

-spacewars: Fixed error in ROM definition introduced in MAME 0.37b2. [MASH]

-model1io: Re-dumped epr14869b.25 used by Virtua Fighter. [Phil Bennett]

-Amatic Multi Game 5: Added notes about the contents of Dallas DS1994 device. [Pycur]

-pc98_cd.xml updates: [r09]
* Re-tested all software entries that previously had video/audio issues – around 70% now work.
* Demoted Miamisoft’s games to non-working since they seem to hang randomly.
* Tested some software entries on real hardware (PC-9821Nw150) to make sure the issues are emulation-related.

-neogeo.cpp: Added two new MVS BIOS dumps. [Razoola]

-Coco Loco (set 3): Redumped the bit-rotted ROM. [Roberto Cervera, Recreativas.org]

-Coco Loco: Corrected metadata and updated notes. [RobertoFresca]

-phoenix.cpp: Documented the Next Fase sound device. [Roberto Fresca]

-Corrected years for Groove on Fight, Pop'n Music 2, and Pop'n Music 3. [sjy96525]

-starwars.cpp: Added locations to ROM labels for all machines. [Tafoid]

-sun2.cpp updates:
* Add boot ROM revisions N and 1.0F. [Ryan Eisworth]
* Added boot ROM revision M. [Josh Dersch]

-Software list corrections: [Wintermute 0110]
* Made Acorn software list names more consistent.
* Stripped leading/trailing spaces from ROM names.
* Changed some ROM names that are problematic with Windows Explorer and Command Prompt.

Download: MAME v0.198 x86
Download: MAME v0.198 x64
Source: Here

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