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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x Git (2018/05/31) is compiled. Snes9x is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation; which includes some real gems that were only ever released in Japan. Snes9x is the result of well over three years worth of part-time hacking, coding, recoding, debugging, divorce, etc. (just kidding about the divorce bit). Snes9x is coded in C++, with three assembler CPU emulation cores on the i386 Linux and Windows ports.

Snes9x Git changelog:
* Use separate variable, bitwise op does not guarantee evaluation order
* Expose debug command to ports
* Use 16-bit with NTSC filter in hires mode.
* Make note and clarify code.
* Actually, I like the other fix better. We know the HDMA reads this value into the MDR as an intermediary, not that writing the address writes to OpenBus.
* We definitely only know Speedy writes this address and it goes to open bus on hardware.
* Isolate Speedy Gonzales fix for now.
* Check for the short scanline on the timer scanline, not the current one.
* Use Timings.H_Max_Master when calculating cycles for next irq
* Changes.txt

EmuCR: Snes9x

Download: Snes9x Git (2018/05/31) x86
Download: Snes9x Git (2018/05/31) x64
Source: Here


  1. Is there a way to put this into a 5.1 system in a sound plugin or something? I know I know, the SNES is only stereo, but Id like ta export the stereo to all side speakers. :D


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