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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x Git (2019/02/13) is compiled. Snes9x is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation; which includes some real gems that were only ever released in Japan. Snes9x is the result of well over three years worth of part-time hacking, coding, recoding, debugging, divorce, etc. (just kidding about the divorce bit). Snes9x is coded in C++, with three assembler CPU emulation cores on the i386 Linux and Windows ports.

Snes9x Git changelog:
* Fix missing parenthesis.
* win32: WaveOut: Correct volume setting.
* C4: Do the sign extend manually.
* Revert "MSVC 2005 bugfix"
* win32: Control dialog box OK/Cancel were backwards.
* win32: Window sizes don't want to snap to grid.
* win32: Tweak cheat dialog box.
* win32: Clean up dialog boxes.
* Remove S9xFinalizeSamples.
* Don't use O3 for MSVC
* win32: Correct wrong file removed from project.
* Merge pull request #491 from snes9xgit/apurefactor
* win32: add device selection to WaveOut
* win32: correct audio buffer size values
* win32: WaveOut: Add underrun recovery and buffer size min.
* GTK: Audio tweaks:
* win32: move sound sync to sound drivers
* win32: set volume in WaveOut
* win32: remove DirectSound, hook up WaveOut
* win32: WaveOut: Fix dumb mistake.
* win32: Add a WaveOut driver.
* Some extra checks in resampler.h
* win32: Process input after waiting for SoundSync.
* win32: Align some dialog positions.
* win32: remove nonexistent options
* win32: remove some warnings
* Remove a few warnings
* GTK: SDL sound driver fixed.
* GTK: SoundSync is now handled in the drivers.
* Fix Windows build. Tweak XAudio a bit.
* Make Resampler a class again.
* APU: Remove extra buffers.
* Fix buffer overrun.
* Add single sample push.
* Add a consolidated resampler.
* GTK+: Strip out extra sound code.
* win32: XAudio2: Allow partially filling sample blocks.
* Get SoundSync working and don't overflow dsp buffer.
* Allow use of Snes9x-side buffer if needed.
* Don't clear MSU if not enabled. Change sound sync level.
* Revert "Revert "APU: Big refactor." I'll put this in a branch."

EmuCR: Snes9x

Download: Snes9x Git (2019/02/13) x86
Download: Snes9x Git (2019/02/13) x64
Source: Here

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