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EmuCR: XeniaXenia Git (2019/07/30) is compiled. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. It does not run games (yet).

Xenia Status:
Some real games run. Most don't. See the Game compatibility list for currently tracked games and feel free to contribute your own updates, screenshots, and information there following the existing conventions.

Xenia Git Changelog:
* [Kernel] Implement RtlImageNtHeader.
* [Kernel] Implement ExAllocatePool.
* [Kernel] Implement NtOpenSymbolicLinkObject, NtQuerySymbolicLinkObject.
* [VFS] Reimplement ResolvePath. Add FindSymbolicLink, ResolveSymbolicLink.
* [Kernel] Add XSymbolicLink.
* [VFS] Make ResolvePath argument a const reference.
* [Kernel] Use type constant instead of type enum when calling base constructor.
* [Kernel] Rename NotifyListener to XNotifyListener to bring it in line with the naming scheme of kernel objects.
* [Core] Use a macro for loading kernel modules (which also explicitly discards return value).
* [Core] Keep a reference to the main thread's XThread rather than its underlying thread.
* [Core] Initialize all members of Emulator.

Download: Xenia Git (2019/07/30)
Source: Here

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