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EmuCR: JSPspEmuJSPspEmu Git (2021/03/24) is released. JSPspEmu is a PSP emulator made using javascript (actually typescript). It will work with any modern browser. Though the first version work only works with Chrome (desktop and android). At this point it can run some demos.

JSPspEmu Git Changelog:
* Optimize and improved zlib raw inflate
* Optimize atrac3+ decoding
* Try to fix clut loading
* Try to fix building
* Update test.yml
* Use esbuild instead of webpack + integrated testing framework instead of mocha/chai. Not there are much less dependencies
* Remove sandbox folder
* Added .gitattributes with linguist-vendored
* Update test.yml
* Separate pspautotests to a different git repo
* Delete cpp and c files

Try online: JSPspEmu Git (2021/03/24)
Source: Here

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