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EmuCR: Play!Play! Git (2021/04/28) is complied. Play! is an attempt at creating an emulator for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console on the Windows platform. It is currently written in C/C++. It uses an instruction caching/recompilation scheme to achieve better performance while emulating the CPU.

Play! Git Changelog:
* Specify coherent attribute on memory array.
* Make sure RAM copy doesn't go out of bounds.
* Fix value of A when converting from vec4 to RGBA16.
* Fix style.
* Make EE kernel's semaphore ids start at 0.
* Add some warnings.
* Prevent MOVE on VF0.
* Merge pull request #1029 from Zer0xFF/V_8_16bit
* Update Nuanceur submodule
* cleanup
* Vulkan: setup a seperate 16bit buffer
* use 16bit writes for 16/24bit writes
* Vulkan: update object names int8/int16 -> char/short
* use seperate binding for 8 bit buffer
* use vulkan 8 bit buffer
* overload vulkan writes
* add required vulkan features
* Merge pull request #1049 from kernle32dll/fix-alphafail-mask-2
* Use framebuffer fetch (if available) on ALPHA_TEST_FAIL_KEEP, too
* Partially implement TEST_1/2 AFAIL on mobile via framebuffer fetch

EmuCR: Play!

Play! Git (2021/04/28) x64 : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles dailyuploads megaup tusfiles uptobox zippyshare
Play! Git (2021/04/28) Android : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles dailyuploads megaup tusfiles uptobox zippyshare
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