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ChiCLI v1.05 is released. A CLI for Commodore Computers! A Commodore 64 command line interface terminal, inspired by: AmigaDOS, MS-DOS, and Linux.

yuzu Git Changelog:
Added: A new "temp" command which reports the temperature of the CPU! Works on standard stock C64 and C64C machines without any modifications or extra hardware! It will only attempt to run on currently supported machines.
Updated: The "ss" screensaver command can now display the CPU temperature instead of the time and date.
Added: A much requested feature: command history! You can now go back and forth in your entered command history, up to five levels deep!
Added: A new CTRL+D shortcut that cycles through valid devices just like in JiffyDOS.
Added: A new "@" command which is similar to the "dos" command, but executes right away without asking. For people who are usd to JiffyDOS.
Added: A new "$" shortcut which is similar to the "list" command. For people who are usd to JiffyDOS.
Added: A "supercpu" command that lets you run in Turbo Mode or Normal mode.
Faster: The "help" command now loads help much faster than before! The help files have been split up so there's less text to search through.
Faster: The "list" command and "cd" command are now positioned to run as quickly as possible, making the program feel faster and more responsive.
Faster: SuperCPU users can now enjoy the program program running in Turbo Mode whenever it isn't doing anything disk related. Disk commands are now wrapped such that the system throttles down to normal speed, does the disk stuff, and then immediately returns to Turbo Mode.
Merged: The changelabel and changeid commands into one new command called "relabel". It works like this: "relabel chicli-disk 15".
Merged: The dec2bin, dec2hex, hex2dec, into one new comamnd "convert" which takes an option to determine what is being converted.
Updated: The "stopwatch" command now supports up to 59:59.9 mins/secs/decisecs. It also uses the TOD clock on the CIA instead of counting jiffies.
Updated: The "pwd" command now displays the current directory, or disk label, along with the device and partition / drive information.
Updated: The "help" command now checks to make sure the help file it's trying to load is in fact a SEQ file.
Updated: The help files and manual files with updated information on many commands.
Updated: The drive detection takes less in space, is faster, and also now the BusCardII devices that aren't connected are ignored properly.
Fixed: If something screws up the cursor color, it is restored the next time the prompt is displayed.
Fixed: The "=" maths command now tolerates unspaced input, such as = 2*2 instead of = 2 * 2.
Fixed: The alias command now trims whitespace before it runs so it isn't thrown off by something like "myalias " is entered.
Fixed: The speed command now returns the expected speed in MHz on systems like the SuperCPU and Ultimate 64.
Fixed: The following command will now check the arguments given and will not run unless they are correct: dos, echo, part, peek, peeking, poke, run, sd2iec, sys, run.
Fixed: The "run" command and the "./" now check to make sure the given file exists and is actually a PRG program file.
Fixed: The "poke" command will now fail if you give it commas. This isn't BASIC.
Fixed: A bug in "list" that also revealed itself in the "$" shortcut. Using this could overwrite options for the "ss" screensaver command. This is a strcpy() / strcat() string copying error, as the second string is bigger than the first string, which is blowing past the end of the first string. The solution is strncpy() or strncat(), since these let you set a specific limit on how many characters you end up copying.
Renamed: The "screensaver" command is now just the "ss" command.
Renamed: The "driveset" command is now "drvset".
Renamed: The "drivedetect" command is now "drvdetect".
Renamed: The "initialize" command is now "init".
Dropped: The "restart" command was dropped as it wasn't really worthwhile and the RAM and program size could be put to better use.
Dropped: The "vars" command, which took up too much room, and wasn't that helpful beyond debugging. The alias and hotkey commands now show the information you would have used vars for in the part. For example the number of aliases and how many characters long they can be.
Updated: The build script and automated many tasks to improve the speed with which I can work on and test ChiCLI.

Download: ChiCLI v1.05
Source: Here

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