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EmuCR: DCVG5KDCVG5K 2022.02.19 is released. DCVG5K is a VG5000 emulator created by Daniel Coulom.

DCVG5K v2 emulates:
- VG5000 central unit powered by Zilog Z80 microprocessor.
- System monitor and built-in Basic interpreter.
- Memory expansion cartridge.
- Two joysticks with their controller.
- Tape reader and writer, tapes being emulated with .k7 files.
- Printer unit (with a file).

DCVG5K 2022.02.19 Changelog: (Google Translate)
- Updated VY5040 controller emulation with EPROM version 14/02/2022.


Download: DCVG5K 2022.02.19
Source: Here

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