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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.24 (2022/04/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Release notes for this version:
PC-98: Search for FONT.ROM in resources directory
in addition to the working directory. (bsdf)
Add S3 Vision964 and Vision968, based on existing
support for the Vision864/868 chips (rderooy).
APM BIOS: When the guest calls the APM BIOS to go
into suspend or standby mode, emulate a suspended
or standby mode. Spacebar resumes the guest machine.
Blank the display (if VGA/SVGA machine type) upon
suspend/standby and unblank upon leaving it.
APM BIOS: Add dosbox-x.conf option to control
whether the power button triggers a suspend or
standby event. (joncampbell123)
APM BIOS: Add power button mapper event, tie
power button to APM BIOS, return power button as
APM suspend event, add code to APM BIOS to handle
suspend and resume events. Windows 98 no longer
complains about the inability to suspend or go to
standby. (joncampbell123)
APM BIOS: Limit debug logging of APM BIOS function
AH=05h (CPU IDLE) because Windows 98 likes to call
that function way too often. Once a millisecond, in
fact! The log spam makes it difficult to see
anything important scroll by while debugging.
Revise S3 Trio64 XGA line drawing code to
add comments, and obey the "skip last pixel" bit
so that the Windows drivers can better draw polygon
line segments. This fixes broken XOR polylines in
Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Word 2.0. (joncampbell123)
Add S3 ViRGE accelerated XGA line drawing function.
Windows 3.1 through Windows 98 can now draw lines
with hardware acceleration. (joncampbell123)
Merge code to help preserve long filename when
older program writes/overwrites the 8.3 filename.
Change "fpu" config setting to an enumeration
that still accepts true and false, but now also
accepts auto, 287, and 387. It is now possible to
specify fpu=287 and cputype=386 to emulate a 386
paired with a 287 chip as is said to be how early
386 Compaq systems were wired, for example.
3Dfx Voodoo window is now resizable when using OpenGL
mode, in addition to software mode. (kekko & Wengier)
Menu options "CJK: Switch between DBCS/SBCS modes",
CJK: Auto-detect box-drawing characters", and "Reset
color scheme" (in "Video" -> "TTF options") are now
assignable in Mapper Editor. (Wengier)
The "colors" config setting now allows a leading
"+" character to stay the specified color scheme when
switching from another output. (Wengier)
SETCOLOR command allows a syntax like "SETCOLOR 1 +"
to return the specified color number to the preset
value (as specified by "colors" setting). (Wengier)
When using TTF output, DOSBox-X will dim the topmost
line when the window is inactive in full-screen or
menuless mode as in vDosPlus. (emendelson)
IMGMOUNT command now accepts wildcards, such as
"IMGMOUNT A disk*.img" to mount image files matching
the given pattern. (Wengier)
Added CuteMouse wheel mouse extension so that DOS
programs such as DOS Navigator 2 can make use of it.
It is enabled when mouse wheel movement conversion is
currently disabled. (FeralChild & Wengier)
Implemented basic support for VMware mouse protocol
so that when used together with e.g. the VMware mouse
driver for Windows 3.x, the mouse will be seamlessly
integrated with the host system, and can enter/exit
the DOSBox-X window without having to capture/release
the mouse. Config option "vmware" is added (in [dos]
section) which allows to disable VMware mouse guest
integration. (FeralChild, Wengier, joncampbell123)
When country number is not specified and cannot be
obtained from system, DOSBox-X will try to map the
keyboard layout to country number. The country list
is also extended. (Wengier & FeralChild)
Added "-nolog" command-line option to disable logging
output completely, and "Disable logging output" menu
option in "Debug" menu to toggle this. (Wengier)
latest version from FreeDOS. The CPX files now appear
in CPI directory of Z drive, which can be replaced by
files provided by the user. (FeralChild & Wengier)
Fix lockup when printing in dBase IV. (Wengier)
Fix crash/restart when running Wing Commander with
EMS memory enabled. (grapeli)
Fix possible buffer overflow issue that may happen
in certain conditions. (maron2000)
Fix NewWadTool 1.3 unable to play music by ensuring
that periodic timer interrupt is triggered on every
cmos_timerevent. (cimarronm)
Fix handling of some DOS file I/O device drivers that
expect a pre-filled input-buffer on READ function and
also do not like to be called for every single byte
in that buffer may not work correctly. (leecher1337)
Fix FPU emulation to use 8087 FENI/FDISI behavior
when cputype=8086 or cputype=80186. (joncampbell123)
Fix FPU emulation to correctly emulate 80287 -/+inf
compare behavior even if compiled for x86 targets
where C_FPU_X86 uses the host FPU. (joncampbell123)
Fix audio speech stuttering issue in SpaceQuest 4
v1.3 using Sound Blaster. (grapeli & rderooy)
Fix issue with Lemmings palette swapping not working
properly. (maron20000 & grapeli)
Updated MT32emu to version 2.6.1. (maron20000)
Updated DOSMID to version 0.9.6. (Wengier)
Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
Indicate in BIOS memory when keyboard ACK received.
Fixes Soko-ban Revenge.
Fix execution of small COM programs on PCjr machine

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.24 (2022/04/01) x64
Source: Here

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