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FreeJoy Configurator v1.7.1 is released. FreeJoy Configurator is a visual utility allowing you to setup your FreeJoy device for your own requirements. FreeJoy is widely configurable game device controller based on cheap STM32F103C8 microcontroller board. It allows you to create your own HOTAS, pedals, steering wheel device or customize a purchased one.

FreeJoy Configurator v1.7.1 changelog:
Changed UI themes.
Redesigned axis curves
Added profile selection
Added checkboxes to hide axes
Added "remove name" from registry button (Windows only)
Improved pins and phys buttons color
Improved display of activation of a quickly pressed button/encoder
Fixed shift reg Latch pin
Minor UI improvements
UPD. v1.7.1b1:
Changed app settings folder to:
Windows: C:\Users\"username"\Documents\FreeJoy
Linux: /home/"username"/Documents/FreeJoy
Without this change, some Windows users had to run .exe as an administrator to save application settings.
Improved color of icons with dark theme
UPD. v1.7.1b2:
Fixed shift register CLK
Added pin type name to axis source
UPD. v1.7.1b3:
added German translation. Thanks Gamerflo9 for this

Download: FreeJoy Configurator v1.7.1
Source: Here

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