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JC64Dis v2.1 is released. The JC64 is an emulator that try to 100% emulate a C64 (with the actual knowledge about the various C64 chips) using the Java language. You must have a powerful system to run this program. Sorry, the real emulation is the priority goal, unlike the speed emulation is the secondary goal. The Java language is used due to his multiplatform and OOP characteristics. The emulator is Threads based (multi-cpu system can take advantage of this). The actual Vic code is very experimental: uses of dot clock for a 1 to 1 implementation of Vic II chip.

JC64Dis changelog:
Fix RSID header creation
Add hex/text/char dialog view (with C64 font)
Fix compiling PSID if relocate is below loading address
Fix DDCB and FDCB Z80 operand/instruction position in tables
Add carets for instruction in Z80
Partial labels on next bytes implemented for Z80
fix TMPx / Tass64 ans Acme word swapped macro and tribyte Acme macro
fix Mono and Multi sprite (double) comments on byte type
Add Glass Z80 assembler support
Fix insert costants of order>3 table bug

Download: JC64Dis v2.1
Source: Here

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