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EmuCR:nemulatorNemulator v4.4 is released. Nemulator is win32 NES emulator.nemulator 2.0 uses DirectX 10, therefore Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required. If you receive an error message stating that d3dx10_33.dll is missing, please download the latest DirectX 10 update from Microsoft at microsoft.com. You need a lot of horsepower (probably a dual-CPU/core system) to run the menu at full speed.

nemulator v4.4 Changelog:
- NES: Four-screen mirroring fixes for Holy Diver MMC1 version
- NES: Sprite DMA fix for Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball
- NES: PPU rewrite
- NES: PPU timing changes to fix random crashes in Battletoads level 2
- NES: vblank/NMI timing changes to fix glitches in Kick Master, Wolverine, and others
- NES: Emulate pixel ouput pipeline (demo_ntsc.nes)
- NES: Remove fast emulation mode
- NES: MMC5 IRQ handling improvements
- NES: Allow writes to MMC5 PRG-ROM area (fixes Bandit Kings of Ancient China)
- NES: Disallow palette writes while rendering (fixes flashes during Solstice intro)
- SMS: R register fix for Reggie Jackson Baseball (pitcher never pitches)
- SMS: R register fix for Impossible Mission (same map used every game)
- SMS: Adjust VDP IRQ timing (fixes Black Belt screen split glitches)
- GB: LYC changes to fix glitch in Link Awakening's title screen
- GB: Various PPU fixes (now passes dmg-acid2 test)

Download: Nemulator v4.4
Source: Here

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